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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Top This!

Thursday I got off work at Noon and went home and helped Jerry get everything together to go to the lake. My sister , Jerry’s daughter and her looser boyfriend along with my kids and our neighbor Jason all went. The only thing that really sucked was that Jerry had been working on his breaks like all day and he didn’t get done until about 3:30. We didn’t leave the house until 4. It was alright because we still had enough daylight out to get some fun in.

We immediately went out to ski after we unloaded the boat. I let my sister go first. She was able to get up for a few seconds, but crashed right away. I did the same. We took my sister back and asked Jason to see if he wanted to go out. The three of us went out and Jason was able to get up a few times. Then I tried again. My first try, I was up for like 15 seconds. When your skiing 15 seconds seems like a long time. Nobody called me Tricksy since I only got up for 15 seconds, but I bet by the end of the summer they will!

Friday was just awesome! We arrive at the Yacht in San Diego and it’s just beautiful. We have horsd’oeuvres (took me like 5 minutes to figure out how to spell that word using spell check and a dictionary) and cocktails then we took a ride around the harbor. After we got back, we barbequed shish kabobs and made more drinks! It was starting to get dark so we decided to continue to barbeque on the way back out to the harbor so we wouldn’t miss the fireworks. The fireworks were kick ass! They were all around us for about 45 minutes. We could see them from every direction.

After the fireworks were all done, we went back and parked the boat and made more cocktails. This is where the night gets a little fuzzy for me here’s what I remember:

~ Red Bull and Vodka
~ Deciding we needed more Red Bull and that Jerry and I had some in the car.
~ Pouring more Vodka into our glass so we could pour in the Vodka when we got to the car.
~ Drinking the Vodka before getting more Red Bull.
~ Climbing around the outside of a 53 foot Yacht that was parked outside the dealer at the Marina.
~ Trying to get in a wheelbarrow for Jerry to get me a ride, only I tipped over every time I sat in it.
~ Finally getting in the wheelbarrow because Jerry told me to wait so he could hold it steady for me.
~ Going really fast in the parking lot in the wheelbarrow.
~ Singing “Yo ho ho ho a Pirates life for me” while walking back to the boat inside the marina.
~ Pointing to a lady who was on her Yacht and calling her a Ho Ho Ho while singing the Pirate’s song.
~ Apparently she didn’t appreciate that very much so then I said it louder.
~ Sitting inside the boat and suddenly feeling a spinning sensation.

Saturday we went to Sea Port Village and walked around and ate lunch which was a Chicago Style Pizza. It was soooo yummy. I got totally burned sitting in the sun waiting for our order to be made. We finally saw some people leave who had a shaded table, so we grabbed it.

While we were waiting for our pizza to be made, this lady from Italy asked if she could sit down with us while she was waiting for her family to shop. She had to be well in her 80’s. Or at least she looked that way. My grandma looked way better than this woman who obviously has had way too much sun in her life time, she was all wrinkled up. But she was a nice lady who thanked us for letting her sit with us like a million times. And she had a heavy Italian accent so it made her hard to understand at times so we’d just smile and nod. And when we moved to the other table, she helped us carry our stuff over. She was a nice lady.

We went home that night because our Realtor called us and said that a house just came on the market we might be interested in. So we wanted to get home and check it out. It was OK nothing spectacular. Over priced for what it was. It was built in the early 70’s and had an Avocado Green Bathroom. Yuck!

Sunday: Yard work, T3, and Old Spaghetti Factory, sleep.


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