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Beauty Tips from April
What NOT to do to save money

Jerry is always after me to find ways to save money and cut expenses. Especially when it comes to my hair, makeup and nails. He things paying $80 for highlights is outrageous and certainly doesn’t understand why I insist on buying Clinique or Estee Lauder makeup when the brands at the drug store are so much cheaper.

Last Thursday, I got a manicure and a pedicure. Jerry couldn’t believe that I spent $26 plus a tip for something he says I can do my self. So I figured, I prove it to him why it’s worth hiring a professional to do these things rather than do them myself.

I am in no way skilled nor do I have the patients to do highlights and lowlights on my hair. When I go to the salon, I’m usually there for 3 hours. I can sit there while Jerome does my hair and chat with him. But I just couldn’t do it myself. Any girl or guy who’s gone with their girl to get highlights knows the involvement and the process it takes.

So Jerry and I were looking through the Sunday coupons and saw one for Herbal Essence do-it-your-self highlights for $2.50 off. I clipped the coupon and went to the drug store to make my purchase. I came home and I had highlights within an hour. Jerry jumped in the shower with me as I was rinsing out the cream from my hair and started laughing. I had applied way too much in certain areas and the highlights weren’t really highlights. It was like a 3-inch really blonde chunk of my hair. The worst part is that I can’t wear my hair up because it’s right above my ear and totally looks horrible. I have to wear my hair down to keep it covered. So much for saving $80 bucks. I’d rather dish out the money to someone who knows what the hell they are doing.

My next big savings was on my French manicure. Wal-mart has French manicure kits that you can buy for $5. Complete with the white for the tips, pink for the bottom plus tip guides. My French manicure that I had just got, was already starting to chip, which Jerry thought was a complete waste. So I removed my chipped French manicure, applied the guides and started putting on new white tips. They looked like crap. I figured that once I removed the guides, they would turn out alright. Well, they didn’t. They were too thick, the line wasn’t straight, and some of them peeled off when I removed the guides. I took off the white tips and started over. They still didn’t turn out right but I said fuck it, I’ve already spent an hour doing my nails, so I’ll just apply the pink and go to bed. So now I have a really shitty highlights and French manicure.


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