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A Bee’s Sting

Monday is my daughter’s 10th birthday. Every year from now, I’m going to feel older and older when her birthday comes. It’s bad enough that I’m almost 30, but my baby is going to be 10! I think I’m going to cry. No not really.

So instead of having a birthday party with a bunch of out of control kids (like last year), we’re going to Knott’s Berry Farm. I already have the tickets and a room booked for tomorrow night. I had a feeling in my gut, after I read the “if you do not cancel your reservations within 24 hours, we will charge you the full rate of the room” message. And wha-da-ya know? Something happens that could possibly spoil our trip.

Yesterday, a bee stung Jerry right above his eye. When Jerry got home, his eye looked swollen, but nothing too bad. By the time we went to bed, however, the swelling had gotten much worse. Buy this morning, his eye was practically swollen shut and the entire side of his face was totally puffy. I told him that he needs to take his ass to the doctor’s office and have them look at it. Remember that movie Goonies? Remember the monster in the basement? There ya go. His face was FUCKED UP! I said to him “You’re lucky I love you, because only a mother can love a face like that”! (I’m so mean heehee).

Jerry took my advise and went to see the doc. They said that he had an allergic reaction to the bee sting and that it was a good thing he came in because it could have been fatal since the sting was so close to the brain and could of caused swelling. Plus he can’t have any activity that causes his heart rate to go up. So we all know what that means! Jerry got a shot and put on a steroid and antibiotics. If the swelling isn’t down by the morning then they don’t want him going to Knott’s and they want him to come back in and they will hospitalize him. So I’m praying that the swelling goes down and we’ll just throw his ass in a wheelchair and get to go the front of the lines at Knott’s!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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