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Friday Blah's

Ok, it's Friday and almost 2 pm and I'm forcing myself to blog today. I've really been out of "Blog Mode" the past few days. I don't know if it's because I've been so overwhelmed with work or my heart just hasn't been in it. So today, since it's Friday and I do as little work as possible on Friday's) I made sure that I caught up on all my missed blogging. So if you're link is on my Blog Linker, chances are, I read your blog today, and possibly even commented.

I get to go home an hour early today. My boss is on vacation and the big boss is on vacation. So the assist. boss, whom I love dearly and make a point to sexually harass him (in a harmless way) daily, said we could leave today at 4! Hell, I'll take it and won't even complain. Because of course, I'll get paid for that hour I didn't work.

This hour will also help me and Jerry out tremendously so that we will be able to leave earlier for our trip to Laughlin, Nevada. Oh, did I mention that we're going to Laughlin for the weekend? What's so special about Laughlin? Nothing really other than it has a river and gambling and it's not home. Sounds good to me! We'll be spending our weekend powering our way up and floating down the Colorado River.

I'm not looking forward to the drive there and back. We have to take the Monster Truck (as my son calls it) which, (as Jerry's Dad so eloquently put it) shakes my tits off. And lord knows there's not much there to shake off. My best friend Carrie almost gave herself two black eyes with her DD's when she rode in truck.

So my friends, hope you all have an awesome weekend, and I'll fill you in with all the drunken fun and sex we had, on Monday.


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