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Good Bye Rosa

Today is a sad day because one of my best friends is leaving her position as Manager of Mrs. Fields here at the mall. It’s like losing your favorite bartender that you tell all your problems to, but much worse. Everyday Rosa works, I spend at least an hour out (and I’m not talking my lunch hour), shooting the shit, talking shit, spilling my shit or just plain bull shitting with her at her store. If I pass by her store and can’t stop, I’ll wave, and she’ll shrug her shoulders and throw her arms up as if she’s saying “where the hell do you think you’re going without stopping by to say hi”? even if I’ve already seen her that day.

I’ll miss the free cookies and the free cokes and the free whatever I want because I’m her friend stuff. I’ll miss us jointly flirting with the UPS man or the Fed Ex man or any other man that frequents the mall worthy of us flirting with. I’ll miss her stopping by my office on her way out, just to tell me that she’s off work or fill me in on the latest mall gossip. I’ll miss bringing her lunch because she doesn’t have anyone to cover her so she can get something to eat.

We’re going to party like it’s 1999 next Friday to celebrate her retirement. She’s been working for Mrs. Fields for 10 years now and is totally ready to go. Everyone here loves her, but I don’t think anyone will miss her more than I will.

Now, don’t be too sad because Rosa only lives a few blocks from the mall, we are good friends and good friends just don’t forget about each other and I’ll be going over to her house for lunch almost every day and she’s going to cook! She’d better have some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies ready for me when I arrive too.


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