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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Happy Birthday Sweetie

On this day in 1993, my daughter was born at 12:15 pm. She was a beautiful newborn baby, weighing in at 6 lbs 9 oz and she was 19” long. Every mother has a story about their labor and how they gave birth. This is an event in my life that is so specail that I could never forget. So I’m going to share my story with you.

It was a warm summers morning and I woke up around 8:30 am to go pee. My (now ex) husband had already gone to work. We had some friends living with us at the time. Janelle’s boyfriend was at work also, but Janelle was still sleeping. I used the bathroom across from her bedroom. As I was peeing, I didn’t feel as though I had to pee anymore, but it kept coming out. I was wearing a long t-shirt and some panties. I wiped and got up from the toilet, and what I thought was pee, sill was coming out. So I take off my panties and stood in the bathtub and called for Janelle. She got up to see what was wrong, so I said to her “I’m peeing and it won’t stop”! She started laughing and said “Silly, your water broke”.

I was only 19 at the time, and I was totally clueless about what was happening to me, but that made sense. I told Janelle to call Joel and tell him what’s going on while I took a shower and got ready. Joel’s work was at least 15 minutes away, I think he made it home in 5, because I was half way through my shower by the time he got home. He called my family and his family to tell them I was going to have the baby. My parent’s (who lived only minutes from us) came to the house and waited for me to get ready. I took my time since I wasn’t feeling any pain.

We all arrived at the hospital around 10:00 am. They put me in a in labor and delivery room and hooked me up to the monitoring machines and stuck some IV’s in my arm. They later gave me some Poticin to help induce my labor. They were concerned that since my water had already broke, that if labor took a long time that it would dry up and cause problems. So the faster the better. Which I totally agree with. This Poticin shit really worked well. I became a dilating fool in no time. The anesthesiologist came in around 11:00 am and gave me the most wonderful drug in the world…an epidural. My philosophy is, “If there’s a drug that will take away the pain, I’m game!” Screw that natural shit. I was hurting bad! The Poticin made the contractions come fast and strong. I was willing to do anything! Well, almost anything to get rid of the pain.

The epidural really worked! I could barely feel any of the contractions and we could tell they were good ones from watching the monitor. The nurse came in for what seemed like the 100th time to check to see how far along I was dilated. It was time! Not only was Joel in the room watching his daughter be born, My mom was there and his mom was there too. The crew came in the room and made me put my knees to my ears and I pushed. I had the biggest audience down at my crotch than ever had been there before. My beautiful baby girl came out healthy and screaming! This was one of the happiest days of my life. I cried tears of joy as the nurse put my baby girl on my chest so I could hold her for the very first time.

Years pass by so quickly. I can remember holding her as a baby and thinking to myself how much I cherish these moments, because I knew then that she would grow up so fast and these innocent years will soon be gone. She won’t depend on her mommy for very long. Even though my baby girl is 10 now, she will always be my little girl and I will always want to protect her and comfort her. She is such a blessing.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!


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