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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Job Perks

I’ve been working for the mall for over 2 ½ years now and I’m pretty much bored with my job. I’m not learning anything anymore. I do love my work environment and all the people in my office, but lately I’ve been thinking about finding a different job, that pays more and is a little more challenging. Then I think of all the perks I have and the freedom I have, that may not come with another job. I know that there are other jobs out there that do pay more and probably have even better perks than I have such as radio advertising sales. Just think, I could get tickets to all the cool rock concerts and possibly meet some of the bands. But then I think that the job security may not be there. I’m not that adventurous or that much of a risk taker to give up my security.

Here are some “perks” I’ve received since I’ve been at my job…

1. Freedom. I am at liberty to come and go as I please. I do have to be in the office for most of the day, and get my work done. But for the most part, if I have to run a quick errand or if I want to go out into the mall and just BS with my friends, I can.
2. Constant access to the Internet. This allows me to blog and read blogs throughout the day. Also, I’ve booked hotel rooms, bought concert tickets, shopped, played games, etc. But ONLY during my free time. (I threw that in there just in case my boss ever reads this.)
3. Free things. Since I’ve worked here, I’ve received tons of free perfume and cologne, makeup (from Estee Lauder and Clinique), a tiffany’s bracelet, free tickets to different local events, free lunches and dinners, I’ve seen Broadway Plays (only they were in L.A.), met celebrities, plus I receive kick ass discounts at a lot of the stores here in the mall.
4. Friends. I’ve met some really cool people here at my job and have made some life long friendships. That’s going to be very hard to leave. Only it may be a little easier once Rosa leaves. Her store is being sold to a franchise and she doesn’t want to work for a franchise so she’s quitting and taking a break for a while. That means, no more Rosa to waste time with. L
5. I can be late and not get in trouble. I’m late for work pretty much every day. I really try to get here on time but I’m afraid of getting ANOTHER speeding ticket. I’ve already gotten 2 tickets on my way to work and I owe more than a thousand dollars in traffic fines from several tickets, so I try to stay under 80 on the freeway. And because I can’t drive as fast as I need to, I’m late. Humpf. Ok that was a joke (well, kind of), I’m really not that stupid (OK maybe I am, because I do have quite a few tickets. It’s totally not true what they say about pretty girls getting out of tickets. I’ve run into quite a few dick cops.) I just can’t get my lazy ass out of bed on time. I love my sleep, and work interferes with my sleep. I’m resentful of that so I stay in bed for as long as possible and try to get ready as quickly as possible. This never works, and I know that. But I continue to do it day after day.

So, as you can see, I pretty much have it made. Now, if I could only make about 5 bucks an hour more, I would never leave this place.


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