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Spoiled Party

My friend Deana is getting married on September 13. I mentioned earlier that she and her fiancé were having joint bachelor/bachelorette parties at the maid of honor’s house. Well, there were some issues that arose from having the party at the maid of honor’s house. For one, the maid of honor is pregnant. Two, she stress out pretty easily. I also heard that she was having some issues in her life and wanted to cancel the party days before. So we were left scrambling at the last minute to find another venue. Then, the maid of honor went ahead and Ok’d the party again.

I’ve never met the maid of honor until the day of the party. I could tell she didn’t like me right from the start. Jerry and I brought a big bottle of Bacardi Rum and four 2 liters of Coke with us to the party. We also came with a couple Red Bulls to keep us awake through the party. Well, Deana happened to furnish us with some Absolute Vodka to accompany our Red Bull’s. We mingled a little then made our way outside. After we finished our Red Bull and Vodka’s, we made ourselves a Rum and Coke. I got a pretty good buzz going so I went inside to get some food.

I’m serving myself up some Shrimp Cocktail, and noticed that the non-alcoholic punch was almost gone. The maid of honor, her mom and some of her family members (whom I thought were way older than 12, I swear) was in the kitchen. So I think I might of said something (in a cute/nice way) to the MOH like “What the fuck? I thought this was a bachelor/bachelorette party?! Who the hell is drinking this Non-Alcoholic shit? (Ok this is the part where I should of just inserted my foot into my mouth or left the party). Then I go on to say “Well, I can understand you, because your pregnant, but no one else should be drinking that shit!”

MOH: “Well, this isn’t a Bachelor party, it’s a SHOWER and there ARE children here”.
Maid of Honors Mom: “And she’s 12 (pointing to a girl I swore was at least 18) plus I’m on medication so I don’t drink alcohol.”

Now I’m stuck on the fact that the MOH said that this was a Shower. So I open my big ass mouth again and say: “Nobody told me this was a shower, I was told that this was going to be a joint Bachelor party, only there wasn’t going to be strippers”.

MOH (getting very frustrated) : “No, this is a shower and there should never have been any alcohol here in the first place.”

Now I decide to just get the hell out of there. Because I can see that our conversation wasn’t going anywhere and If I brought up the fact that there was Champaign Punch on the food table, and that a keg had just arrived outside, that might of made the situation worse.

So I go back outside with my shrimp cocktails and say to everyone at my table: “Well, that didn’t go very well. I don’t think it’s a good idea that I go back into the house until I decided to leave.”

The MOH’s husband was standing there and I explained to my table of friends what had just happened with the MOH. Her husband (with beer in hand from the keg that just arrived) says to me “Oh the shower is just really a cover for the party, since she didn’t want to throw a party.”

The next day, I call Rosa and she goes on to tell me how the MOH was just being a complete bitch to everyone and it wasn’t just me, even though she didn’t like me one bit. As if I really care, I have enough friends and I don’t want a bitch for a friend. She treated everyone like dirt that was at the party. The funny thing is, her husband and Jerry got along really well. So well in fact, that he invited Jerry to join him and his friends to their next river trip. He made it clear that it was a GUY ONLY trip, and Jerry’s not really into hanging out with a bunch of dudes without me there, so he politely declined. Jerry says to me “I guess we won’t be doing anything with them now”. I said “I guess not!”


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