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Stranded in Laughlin

I wish that this was a happy posting about how my first trip to Laughlin was an absolute blast. Part of it was. I'm typing this from MY OWN hotel room, without Jerry.

Yesterday started out to be an awesome day. We had so much fun together. We had amazing boat rides where we were catching air from the wakes of other boaters. We got along great and had so much fun as a happy couple in love.

That only lasted until about 1:30 am this mornig. We walked all the way down the River Walk to Harrah's. Harrah's is a good few miles from where we were staying. But we would stop in a casino here or there to get drinks and gamble a little. It took us 3 hours to get to Harrah's. I was starving! The only substancial food I had all day was at 10:00 am. Here it was 1:30 in the morning and I was expecting this amazing buffet that Jerry had been raving about.

The River Walk ends right before Harrah's. There is 2 ways to get to the casino from there.
A. Through the casino next door and walk aout 1/2 mile to Harrah's.
B. Down a very large hill made of dirt and rocks.

Jerry chose B. I was wearing a mini skirt and high heels. Not exactly your hiking kind of outfit.

I wasn't exactly happy with the way he had chosen. Nor was I happy when we finally arrived to this so-called amazing buffet, to find it closed. So I just wanted to sit down and cry.

Jerry and I had had quite a few drinks throughout the day and evening. We were both pretty drunk. But that is no excuse for what happened next.

I sat down at a slot machine, not to play it, but to just sit and cry from the disappointment from walking all that way to find no buffet and being extremely hungry. Jerry started to tell me that I was being a bitch. I of course didn't appreciate that and said that I was just disappointed and didn't think me being called a bitch was called for. I wanted to just pull away from him but he got in my face and told me how much of a bitch I am and called me some other choice words. He was starting to cause a scene.

Things just got worse and he was getting very irate. I was scared because he had pushed me in the past. So when the cocktail waitress came to see if everythig was alright, I told her no. She asked if I would like for her to call security and I told her "Yes Please Get Security NOW!"

At that time Jerry told me that I'm a Fucking Bitch and pushed me in the face and he left. Security came and took me to thier security room to file a report then called the police for me to file a report with them.


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