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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



As a result of the continuous hair pulling that Jerry so unkindly gave me, I had to have most of my hair cut off. I've been letting it grow out for a while now and it was getting pretty long. But my hair got so badly damaged from Jerry pulling the shit out of my hair over and over, that I now have sholder length hair. I don't know what I'm more depressed about now. The fight with Jerry and losing my hopes and dreams about our future together or the loss of my beautiful long hair.

I didn't have time for my hairdresser to style my hair since I was on my lunch hour that became a lunch hour and a half. So I put it up in a clip that barely is holding my short hair in. And instead of a long piece of hair coming out from the top of the clip, I have a very short peice that barely comes out from the top of the clip. I really miss my long hair. I'm sure it will look better once I'm able to style it, and I'm sure that's the first thing I'm going to do when I come home from work. Well, after I kiss and hug my kids since I haven't seen them in a week.

I have to admit, my hair looks healty now. It was time for a hair cut anyways, I just wasn't going to cut it this short. I swear that bastard will PAY! (Insert evil laugh here)


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