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Manic Monday

Lot’s of things happened this weekend, so I’ll try to sum it up as quickly as possible.

Friday was drama with our neighbors. We plotted, and are still plotting on different ways to annoy the hell out of them and to make them realize that they are being extremely petty about the cat shit in their front yard.

Saturday, found a Sir Mix-A-Lot CD with the song Baby Got Back along with 11 other great hits, and blasted it as loud as possible, over and over with all the doors and windows open, until 10 pm.

Jerry decided that he needed to get the dent out of the car trailer that is in the back yard. This trailer happens to have a metal frame and is located approximately 20 feet from the neighbors’ bedroom window. So he got a hammer, and gave the trailer a few good bangs. I went temporarily def for about 10 seconds because the noise he made was so flippen loud!

After 10, put the “spot light” on neighbors window so we could have some light outside, while we played darts in the garage. Didn’t really need the spot light, but it was funny anyways. Then we played darts while sucking down cocktails. We got louder and louder with each cocktail.

(side note: The kids were in bed and fast a sleep by this time)

Sunday we went to the San Diego Zoo with the kids and Jerry’s daughter and her loser boyfriend who couldn’t even pay the $20 to get in, so Jerry’s daughter had to pay his way in. He’s another story all in it’s self. Anyways, the Zoo was GREAT! Most of the animals were on exhibit and some even put on a show for us. The Panda’s did summersaults and I swear one of them waved to the audience. The female gorilla’s ganged up on the male gorilla and chased him all over their enclosure. My son would run back and forth following the male gorilla. He loved it.

We got home and saw that our neighbors had put up a fence to separate the property lines in the front yard. We laughed because they probably spent a few hundred bucks and the entire day putting up the fence. I guess we really pissed them off. Any ideas on how to keep an outdoor cat from crapping on other peoples lawn?


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