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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



Today is just one of those days that has been unusually odd. And it’s all unfolding here at my desk.

First, I got an IM from a chick:
brunettelookin4u: You’re gorgeous. I was wondering if you would be interested in a woman. If not, sorry to bother you.
so_cali_hottie: Thanks for the compliment. But, I don't swing that way.
brunettelookin4u: ok sorry
so_cali_hottie : no prob
so_cali_hottie : no offence taken
brunettelookin4u: ty have a good day
so_cali_hottie: u 2

Then, I get an IM from this psycho girl. I used to date her boyfriend during on of their splits. She would call me when I was dating him and hang up when I answered. Or she’d tell me to stay away from him. One time, I went over to his house and she was there. I saw they were in a heated discussion. They saw me at the door and I turned around and left. Well, she came after me, but he stopped her. So this was our conversation:

crazy_love_4_ever : hello april????
so_cali_hottie : hi
crazy_love_4_ever : how are you doing?
so_cali_hottie : fine. ummmm I don't mean to be rude, but I know who u r. So what do you want?
crazy_love_4_ever : I'm not tring to be rude either, I guess it seems weird that I would care how you are doing. I have nothing up my sleeve, and wish you only well, you can believe that or not your choice, although I will admit some sort of curiosity.
so_cali_hottie : Well, this does seem odd.
so_cali_hottie : I would of thought by now, I'd be way out of your thoughts
crazy_love_4_ever : I have had to do alot of growing this last year, oh you have been,
so_cali_hottie : r u still seeing todd?
crazy_love_4_ever : yes, hard always hard, seems like
so_cali_hottie : I hope you guys are doing good.
so_cali_hottie : and I wish you the best
crazy_love_4_ever : thanks, I thought you were a nice person, I am too, you know how love is though, crazy sometimes, did not mean to be mean to you. you did nothing wrong. anyway you are right this is ODD- wondering now why I said hello,
so_cali_hottie: lol, WEll I am skeptical. Of course. And my first thought is that you have ulterior motives. But I don't know you. So all I can do is speculate. take care.


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