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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



Today my divorce was finally finalized! I can’t tell you what a relief this was. I went to court this morning and of course fuck head didn’t show up. So I got my way. I could have been mean. I could have been vindictive. I could of went for full custody and reamed him for child support. But I was more than fair and extremely nice about the situation and gave him 50% custody. I was granted child support based upon his potential earnings from when he was working construction. The way it works is, the more I have the kids, the more money he would have to pay me. Also, he is required to pay child support even with 50/50 custody, because he has made more money than me during our marriage. Now, I’m not getting a huge chunk of change, but what I will get will certainly make a difference and help me out a whole lot. I’m happy with the results.

So I get to work around 10:15 this morning and our Public Safety dispatch officer calls me and asks me what kind of car I drive. After I tell her and ask why, she says that I have a flat tire. A Public Safety officer comes to my office and takes me out to my car and shows me the flat. I called one of my maintenance guys to put the spare on for me. After he was finished, he came in and told me that somebody has slashed my tire! I called dispatch and told her that my tire was slashed. She then tells me that they noticed a group of kids in that area of the parking lot and sent the Public Safety officer out to check on the cars when he noticed that my tire was flat. They will be checking the videotape tonight to see if they can see the kids who did it In the mean time, I have to buy a new tire. That really sucks!


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