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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



First I have to start out by saying that Southern California is on fire and it’s scary. Even though where I live isn’t being directly affected, I work in San Bernardino. This too is my community. I work for one of the largest business in San Bernardino. And because I’m in marketing for the mall here, we’re going to do our best to raise money or take clothing donations or other donations to help the families who have lost their homes in our community. My heart goes out to every single one of them. People I work with have been evacuated, two of them may of lost their homes.

Now on to happier things, because I know you’re dying to hear about my most fabulous weekend.

This weekend consisted of:

· Two nights of dancing my ass off. Which resulted in many days of my legs being sore from so much dancing.
· Two nights of massive alcohol consumption, which included several shots of tequila. (I can’t believe I didn’t puke either night).
· Hanging with really fun friends.
· One crazy Halloween party. (Saturday night) Stay tuned for pictures, which will hopefully be posted tomorrow.
· Many guys dressed as various types of women. I’m talkin’ Cheerleaders, Hula Girls, Drag Queens, and White Trash Girl.
· One girl dressed as a guy. Have you ever heard of John Holmes?
· Many people falling down drunk.
· Girl on girl on girl dancing.
· Making up with old friends.
· Losing part of my costume.
· Table dancing.
· Brick wall dancing.
· Plotting to throw the people that didn’t come in costume in the pool.
· Getting talked out of throwing the people in the pool for showing up without their costumes.
· Doing more shots when I really shouldn’t of.
· Spinning on the floor. Somehow, I came out of it and danced it off.
· Dancing “Pulp Fiction” style with Brother Tom. (Which my sister and I are now calling him.)
· Meeting one of Jerry’s ex-girlfriends (from 12 years ago) and getting an earful.
· Laughing so hard (probably at my sister who was falling down drunk) I almost peed on myself.
· Two nights of staying out until past 3 am.
· One day of recovery from two nights of partying.

Pictures to be up tomorrow, so stay tuned


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