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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



With everything that has been going wrong in my life lately, I have to find positives on my situation. So I decided to make a list:

· I have an awesome family who may not be as supportive as I need them to be, but regardless, they are there for me anyways.
· I have great friends too. They all are concerned for my well-being and safety and tell me over and over again NOT to go back to Jerry. I really need to hear that, over and over again.
· I’ve regained old friends. When Jerry and I got together, I gave up ALL of my guy friends. Well, they are slowly returning into my life. I had lunch with Jeff on Tuesday and I went to see my friend Jason last night. Jason moved to Hollywood shortly after Jerry and I got together and I’ve only talked to him a few times since. He called me out of the blue yesterday to invite me to his birthday party which is this Saturday. Then after I told him Jerry and I broke up, he invited me to visit him at his mom’s house. He’s staying out here for the week and was having a few friends over. So after the kids went to bed and fell asleep, I hung out with him and his friends until about midnight. It was nice to see him again. We’ve had a lot of great times together.
· I get to spend a lot more time with my sister. I don’t think I’ve seen this much of her all year! It’s great!
· I got a great new hair cut out of it! I’ve had sooooo many compliments on my new hairstyle and not just by people I know, but strangers too!
· I’ve been getting to work on time. This week, I have been no more than 5 minutes late every day. My boss has noticed and said something to me as we were walking out to our cars yesterday.
· I got a court date to finally get everything settled with my divorce, child support and custody. And it’s NOT eight weeks from now, it’s on Tuesday! I couldn’t believe how quickly I get to go to court and finally get this over with. What I submitted in my declaration must have been good enough for them to see that I need to get control over the situation with Fuck Head and show him what’s up. I found out this exciting news yesterday. Now I have to get my ass in gear and get all my shit together before Monday night. Oh yah, here’s the best part, I’m only required to give him 12 hours notice of the hearing. I can call him up at 8:30 Monday night and tell him he’s got to go to court at 8:30 am on Tuesday. How kick ass is that? Only, I don’t think I’ll be that mean. I’ll let him know at least a few hours before that. (Insert evil laugh here). We’ll see if he even shows up.

Now I need to read this over and over and over until I don’t feel so bad about the negatives in my life.


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