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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



Today is one of my favorite days! I love Halloween. I love to dress up in cute costumes for work. I love the fact that I get to judge the Halloween Costume Contest for all the employees that dressed up in the mall. And I LOVE getting my kids all dressed up and taking them Trick-Or-Treating. It’s so much fun.

Last year, I let my ex-husband tag along with us. It was a nightmare. We fought the entire time. He brought a 12 pack of beer with him to drink while the kids were Trick-Or-Treating. I was so pissed off at him for doing that. So this year, he’s NOT ALLOWED to come with us. My sister will come instead. She’ll be much more fun.

Hopefully it doesn’t rain tonight. The weather people are predicting rain for tonight. That would just ruin Trick-Or-Treating. But we have a back up plan, just in case. My daughter wants to go Trick-Or-Treating with her best friend an their family. I guess they are having a Halloween Party tonight after Trick-Or-Treating. I’m sure that’ll be a lot of fun. They are partiers.

Last night I went to watch Survivor over at some friend’s house. These are the friends that used to be friends with Fuck Head and I when we were married. The same friends that were at the party on Saturday. Well, Rob used to work with Jerry. So what does he do? He brings up Jerry last night. I kind of blew it off, but after I got home, I started crying because I miss him so much. Then I called my sister crying (who was still at their house) and told her to tell Rob that he sucks for bringing up Jerry. I think it mostly was because I’m jealous of what Rob and Vicky have and that I thought I had someone to share my life with and now I have to start looking all over again. Also they have an amazing house. The realtor that Jerry and I were using to look for a house called yesterday and left me a message about a brand new 3bdrm home that was being built of ¾ of an acre. I know if Jerry and I were still together, we would seriously consider buying it. It was right in our price range.

I had hope and dreams about spending my life with him. And I know we would of really had a lot of fun together. He is really everything I was looking for. Why the hell did he half to go and ruin it by have a fucked up temper? That is the only thing that has messed up our relationship. I know not everyone is perfect and we all have our issues. Lord knows I have mine. But that is a major issue that I can’t live with.


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