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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



So it's approximately 9:20 and my day has already started out GREAT!!! First I arrive to work 10 minutes late. I notice the GM's car is not here, so that means I win the bet from yesterday. We all were betting on weather or not he shows up for work today. Then I walk in the office and my boss runs up and says very excitedly "April, Come here I need to show you something"! She whips out the latest copy of Inland Empire Magazine and turns to a page where our pictures are in the magazine. MY PICTURE is in INLAND EMPIRE MAGAZINE! Actually, the picture is with Jerry. So WE ARE IN INLAND EMPIRE MAGAZINE!!! Also featured on the page is my boss, Max (the assistant GM) with his wife and our Operations Manager and his wife. How cool is that?

We were at an ''A Taste of Summer" event that benefited The Volunteer Center of the Inland Empire and as we were walking in, they were taking pictures. I just knew Jerry and I would get in the magazine since we were such a great looking couple together. Seriously. So after oooing and awwwwing over our pictures in the magazine, I was sent out to get donuts for the office!

Tonight my dad's Sister and Brother (aka my aunt and uncle, but I didn't want to write it that way because you would think that it was my aunts husband and it's not) from Vegas, will be visiting for the weekend and I'm totally excited to see them. My aunt is so much fun, she'll even go on the scariest roller coasters with you and take you to the casinos and give you money to play the slots with plus buy you the biggest drink they serve at the casino. Gotta love her.

Tomorrow night is Girls Night Out only we're bringing Tom with us and he's not gay. But I'm sure he'll find more hunny's to hit on at the club. Any girls in So. Cal want to go tomorrow, send me an email and I'll let you know where to meet me. ;-)

I just finished eating my lemon filled donut. You know the kind that has powdered sugar on it. I'm wearing black pants and now I have powdered sugar residue on my pants. It was worth it.


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