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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



It was sooooooo great when I told Fuck Head about court last night. I was actually VERY nice and told him at 6:30 last night. I was thinking about it at the time, and was afraid that I would forget if I waited. This was our conversation:

Fuck Head: “Is everything ok? My mom said it sounded urgent”.
Me: “Yah, everything is fine, I just needed to get a hold of you because we have to go to court tomorrow”.
Fuck Head: “NO, I didn’t get anything in the mail telling me to go to court”.
Me (laughing because this is some funny shit): “You’re not getting a notice in the mail, this is your notice. We have to be at the Hemet Court tomorrow at 8:30 in the morning”.
Fuck Head: “What are you laughing at”?
Me (still laughing): “Oh nothing, I’m with a friend and he’s making me laugh. Anyways, yah there’s court tomorrow”.

So Fuck Head didn’t show up for court today, and that means, I get what I want. Which, I’m not really sure what that is at this point since this is what happened:

The judge called me up (since Fuck Head wasn’t there).

Judge: “I read your statement and I’m going to order in your favor based upon the facts you’ve provided to the court. Take this paper to the Family Law Assistance Center and we’ll schedule you to come back on the 27th.”

And that was it! So I took the paper to the Family Law Assistance Center and they told me to call back later because the court minutes need to be updated so they know what exactly was ordered. I’m assuming that I’m going to get temporary custody of the kids until the 27th. I’ll let Fuck Head have the kids this weekend, because I don’t want my kids to think I’m taking them away from their daddy. That’s not the purpose here. I just want him to know that there are certain things he can and cannot do with the kids, like having them out until past 11 on a school night. I didn’t have to present anything to the court and here I was totally worried about having all my ammo ready. But now, I can say when he has the kids and be in complete control of the situation. Today was a good day.

Oh yah, and I voted today too!


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