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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



Welcome class, to April’s School of Internet Dating. I would consider myself to be an expert on meeting people online. (Which says nothing about my judge of character or my lack of ability to pick partners in my life). Anyways, there are guidelines that I personally recommend if you date people that you meet from the Internet.

1. Chat with the person for a few days preferably by Instant Message (IM) or email. Try to feel him/her out and see if you’re compatible. I HIGHLY recommend having a good picture of yourself stored on your hard drive, so you can exchange pictures, if you haven’t done so already. If the guys wants to automatically have cyber sex, chances are, he’s married with 10 kids and when he meets you, he wants to have real sex just wants to get into your panties. So I strongly advise you to not go out with these kind of guys.

2. When you feel comfortable enough, talk on the phone for a few days. It’s hard to get how a person really is by IM. So it’s best to talk for a few days before actually meeting. GUYS: You wouldn’t want to date a chick that sounds like a dude would you? Because she may actually be a she!

3. The absolute best way to first meet someone from the internet, is if at all possible, meet in a public restaurant during your lunch hour. This is the perfect way to see if the person is attractive, has the personality of a rock, is a loser, has bad hygiene, or wears plaid polyester pants with a multi-colored striped shirt. This also gives you a good out if you don’t like him/her, because you have to go back to work. Then you can choose whether or not you want to see this person after work for a more real date-like setting.

4. If meeting during your lunch hour is just not possible, then resort to plan B. Always, Always, Always meet in public for the first time. It’s much safer this way. You never know if the guy or girl is a psychopathic mass murderer. I mean, you could be really meeting Jason, Freddie or Hannibal disguised as a nice guy you’ve been chatting with, and when he show’s up to your place, he chops your head off and eats you and your cat for dinner. And I really don’t want that happening to anybody. That just isn’t nice.

So those are the basics of online dating. Any questions?


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