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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



was my little guy’s birthday, so we went to Knott’s Soak City in Palm Springs and had a blast. I just love waterslides! And of course the kids love them too. Afterwards, we came home and had pizza and birthday cake. After the kids went to bed, I went to my friend Jason’s party by myself. Which is totally out of my character. I can’t eat in a restaurant by myself, and going to a party where I won’t know hardly anyone there, is not like me at all. But I needed to get out.

I got to the party about 11 pm. After I was there for about 10 minutes, I was ready to go. I didn’t know but 3 people there. One of them was Jason, who was busy playing guitar and singing, and a few of his friends who I’m just barely acquainted with. Then I saw my neighbors who just moved in next door to Jerry. I said hi to them and this girl came up and started taking to me. She hardly knew anyone there too, so we hung out together. Then a group of guys came and hung out with us. They were cool and made sure we always had a full beer.

I got stuck taking to this guy who was 21, and looking to score some cronic. I could tell he’s already smoked some, and was waiting for this guy to show up that was his dealer. This guy went on and on and on, so I looked at this other guy that I met earlier and mouthed to him “help”. He came over and rescued me. I hung out with him the rest of the evening and went home around 1:30. He asked for my number and I told him that I wasn’t ready to start dating yet and he said, “Well, we can go out as friends can’t we”. After a little persuading on his part, I gave in and gave him my number. He said he’d call me later this week.

My sister spent Saturday moving out, then I spent Sunday moving out of Jerry’s place and moving into my parents house. It was very hard towards the end of the packing because I starting thinking about all the good times we had in that house and I haven’t had sex in more than a week now and I’m freaking horny as hell! I went from getting it everyday, sometimes twice, to nothing! So that really sucks. And if you’re even thinking about making me an offer, I’m not going to take it so don’t even try. I’m totally going to have to buy myself a toy. I have to admit, I even considered having sex with Jerry one last time. But I slapped myself out of it because too many emotions would be involved.

My parent’s adopted this guy Tom a few weeks ago. He used to work for my dad, and is now living at my parent’s house. Well, him and my sister helped me move yesterday. Thank God for them! I totally owe both of them BIG time! And thank God my parent’s have a big house.

My ex-husband called me this morning thinking I was at KCAL Radio Station trying to get a set of fake boobs. And I was late for work trying to return the U-Haul, so that made him think it even more. Apparently there’s a girl named April participating and he said she sounds just like me. He said that if that’s what I was doing, he would totally cheer me on. During our conversation, would have been a great opportunity for me to tell him about court tomorrow, but I decided to wait until after work. Buaaahaaaahaaahaaahaa.


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