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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



The kids and I went to Rosa’s for dinner last night. Her boyfriend Chris invited a few of his friends with their kids too. My son was the only boy out of 5 girls. He was so cute because he was complaining that there weren’t any boys to play with.

Rosa made her famous Spanish Rice along with some Mexican stew which I have to say was really spicy, but with tons of flavor. It was sooooo good. In fact, I’m going to invite myself over for lunch to have leftovers. I’m sure I’ll be paying for it sometime today.

During dinner, we watched 13 Ghosts. I really don’t like scary movies because they give me night terrors, which are way worse than night mares. I will literally see people levitating above me or kneeling next to me, watching me in my sleep. Only my eyes will be open. I’ve nearly given my ex husband, Jerry and my sister, heart attacks from screaming in my sleep. And the thing is, I wont wake up right away. Someone has to talk me out of my sleep before I wake up and realize that it’s not real.

It seems as though I get Night Terrors worse after watching a horror movie. My subconscious is more active and has fresh visions of really scary things. Everyone was making fun of me last night because I would turn my head during the scary parts. I never used to be like that. I mean I’ve seen just about every single Night Mare on Elm Street movie, a lot of the Jason movies, and Chuckie movies when I was younger. They didn’t affect me then as much as they do now. So now I try to avoid watching movies like that. It’s just not necessary and if I’m sleeping with somebody, I try to avoid giving them heart attacks with my screaming in the middle of the night because that’s just not nice.


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