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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



This will be my first Thanksgiving in 29 years without my Grandma. This will be my first Thanksgiving in 29 years that we won’t have Thanksgiving at her house. This will be the first Thanksgiving that her kitchen won’t be filled with all the wonderful smells of her cooking our holiday feast.

Every single year that I can remember, our entire family has been together at Thanksgiving. I look forward to it more than any other holiday. Things just won’t be the same without her.



Courtesy of Fuck Head and his first child support payment (which happened to be 9 days late) I bought the kids brand spankin’ new oak bunk beds. They’ve had the same cheap ass hand-me-down metal framed bunk beds for the past 3 + years and it’s time they had a decent piece of furniture. I didn’t have enough money to get them new mattresses, so I’ll use part of the next child support installment for that.

Fuck Head stopped by my work and Bobbie (the lady who works in the front office with me) said, “Oh was that Fuck Head?” and I said “Yup finally he paid me some money”. Then she started to run out and said “Oh, I wanna see what he looks like now, I haven’t seen him in so long”. I responded, “He looks like shit”!


Ok so I’m a few days early with my Happy Turkey Day, but I’ll probably be leaving early from work tomorrow (knock on wood). And since tomorrow is the day before Thanksgiving, I’m sure I won’t be doing much work in the 3 ½ hours I’m here.

The only thing that really totally and completely sucks about my job is that even though I don’t work in a store, I still work in retail, which means I have to be here the day after Thanksgiving. Oh and did I mention that I’m going to Bakersfield to see my family for Thanksgiving? Yup, that’s right! I’ll be leaving directly from work tomorrow to pick up my sister and my kids, and then we’ll be off to Bakersfield which is a 3 ½ hour drive, one way. Then Friday morning, I’ll get up at 4 am, leave my Grandpa’s house by 5 am and drive 3 ½ hours to work. When I arrive at the mall there won’t be any parking, so I’ll have to fight traffic just so I can park on the top level of the parking structure and walk down 4 flights of stairs, through Robinsons-May and fight foot traffic through the mall just to get to my office. Of course I won’t feel like working that day either. But I’ll still be here and pretend to work. I’m a master at that. Just like right now, I’m typing this blog post in Word, then I’ll copy and past it very quickly into Blogger, press the Post/Publish button and be out of there lickety split. As far as the rest of the office knows, I’m typing copy for something or other pertaining to my job.

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving everyone!



It’s been a busy weekend as usual. I had to work on Saturday because we had a “Breakfast with Santa” for our Kids Club and I needed to be here to deal with the moron parents who didn’t read the important part of the postcard I sent that said “TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE IN PERSON BEFORE SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 16 AT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER. SPACE IS LIMITED, TICKETS MAY RUN OUT, SO MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW!”

As clear as that may be to MOST of us, you’d be surprised at how many people show up every year the day of the Santa Breakfast with their entire family of 250 and expect to participate WITHOUT making reservations. Then they get all pissed at us for turning them away. Well, this is the first year that didn’t happen. So the Santa Breakfast went smoothly and I didn’t have to show the kids how stupid their parents are.

I did get a call on Friday, the day before the breakfast, from a lady asking if there were any tickets available. Of course there wasn’t. Hell, we gave all the tickets out within the first 4 days from sending the postcard inviting all the Club Kid members to the Santa Breakfast. Anyways, she explained that her house was burned down in the fires and she’s been having a lot of trouble getting her mail forwarded and wasn’t able to get her two children tickets in time so they could attend the Santa Breakfast and she asked if there was anything I could do for them. Well, HELLOOOO of course! I have the power! So I gave her my kids tickets and explained that I have connections and my kids won’t go without, and I’d be more than happy to give her my kids tickets and I know my kids would be more than happy to offer them their tickets.

I went home that night and explained to my kids what I did that day and how I’ve arranged for them to get the goodie bags and the craft and how they’ll get to do everything the other kids will do, but how it was nice to help the family who’s house burned down. My kids were very happy that I did that and they got to meet the kids they gave their tickets to. She was a very nice lady and had two very cute kids.

So anyways, I’ve been dreading listening to Christmas Music for the past month. Hell, I’ve been dreading it since last year! I knew it was quickly approaching and have cringed at the thought of listening to Brittany Spears Christmas song 6 + times a day along with all the other Christmas songs I’d have to hear 6 + times in an 8 hour day, 5 days a week. To my dismay, when I arrived for work on Saturday, I come in the office and press Feature 19 on my phone at my desk and guess what’s playing? No, not the Brittany Spears Christmas song, but the song I despise more than hers. It goes “Sleigh ride……..sleigh ride……..” then you hear Santa go “Ho Ho Ho”, and you also hear sleigh bells in the back ground and the music is enough to drive you completely insane. I swear by the end of this Christmas season, they will have to admit me into Patton State Mental Hospital!


Peanut Butter Cup Addiction

Dear Reese’s,

I was just wondering if maybe you know of a meeting I could go to so I can stop eating your Peanut Butter Cups. I’m sure there are more people like me who would rather eat the Peanut Butter Cups than say, a nutritious meal. For example: Yesterday, I was planning on having a bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup for lunch but realized I didn’t have any crackers. And since I just bought the new Blink 182 CD, a trip to the store for crackers and so I can listen to my new CD, was a great excuse to get out of the office during my lunch hour. So I go into the store and found my crackers. Then I thought I would like to walk around and see what other “goodies” the store had to offer me. Well, I made the mistake of walking down the candy isle and staring at me was a 10 pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. So I grabbed them thinking I would only eat one or 2 for dessert. Well the truth is, I ended up eating 5! Now this morning, I’ve already had 2 and I can just imagine that I’ll end up eating the rest after lunch, until they are all gone. Yes I know I should have more self control, but when I bite into the chocolate and the yummy peanut butter, it’s like eating potato chips, you can’t eat just one or two! I mean who does that?



Today I ran to Sam Goody and purchased the new Blink 182 CD. I've been waiting very impatiently for them to finally come out with a new CD and I have to say that it was well worth the wait. I spent my entire lunch hour listening to the CD, with the volume turned up as loud as it would go without sounding distorted and I have to say that I thuroughly enjoyed every single one of the 14 tracks on the CD. (Whew, talk about a run-on sentence!) Some songs even gave me goosebumps! Track 12 "All of This" is sung by Robert Smith from The Cure and OMG this song is AWESOME! Can't you tell how excited I am about this CD??? Seriously, I am a HUGE Blink 182 fan. I'm sure you remember my adventure with Breakfast with Blink 182. And if not, I just gave you a link so you can read about it.

So, Tuesday night Blink is playing in Hollywood and I'M GOING TO MISS IT!!!! I'm really upset about it. I'm more upset now that I've listened to this totally rad cd (yes I just said totally rad) than I was about 2 hours ago. Of course you actively need to somehow acquire tickets if you are going to go to a concert. And I failed to do so. Oh well, I'll totally catch them next time they come out to So. Cal. Which shouldn't be too long, since they are from SO CAL!


Saturday at 4:00 pm I walked out of Macy’s with 2 big bags filled with $400 worth of Estee Lauder cosmetics and fragrances after spending 5 hours of registering customers for their Gala event. Not only did I get myself a great assortment of eye shadows, lip gloss, lip stick, lip liner, mascara, foundation, face powder, moisturizer, exfoliater, body scrub, and cologne, I got a ton of stuff for my sister, my mom and Rosa for Christmas.

I have to admit, I get pure pleasure out of trying out new cosmetics. I love to experiment with the eye shadows to give myself either a dramatic effect or a natural look, depending on my mood or where I’m going. I also love to try out new lip liners and lip-glosses. I feel as though your lips and eyes are the most expressive part about a persons face and the way you wear your eye shadow and lips can really make them stand out.

Working the table on Saturday, made me kind of miss working with customers I’m great at customer service and I think I make people feel welcome and happy about their shopping experience. Just don’t get an attitude with me because then you won’t get shit out of me, which is why I don’t work directly with customers anymore.

Funniest Name EVER!!!!

Part of my job on Saturday was to radio to the people in the stock room with the name of the cosmetics counter, the name of the associate and the name of the customer picking up their order. So this lady tells me her last name is .......are you ready for this? ....... Seriously, put down any beverages and swallow your food before reading the following........ Are you done yet?......... I'm not joking, swallow....... (I think I've heard that before)...........Ok, you might want to sit down.......... oh you also might want to relieve your bladder too, so you don't piss your pants laughing so hard...... Now remember, I'm saying this over the radio and being as mature about it as I possibly can be, her name is SOLOCUM. That's fucking HILARIOUS!



One of my friends is the counter manager at Estee Lauder in the Macy’s here at my mall. Well, she calls me last Friday to see what I’m doing on Saturday the 15th? I have the kids on that day, but I asked what was up? She asked if I would like to work for the event they are having and I would get $400 worth of product from any of the cosmetics counters excluding MAC. So of course I was like “Hell ya! I’ll work”. In fact, there isn’t much I wouldn’t do for $400 worth of cosmetics and fragrances.

She told me that I needed to come and pick out what I wanted ASAP, so they could do the paperwork on it and have it ready for me after my shift. So last Friday, I spent my entire lunch hour shopping for my sister, mom, Rosa and me. It was awesome. I got tons of stuff for all of us! All I have to do is sit at a table and register people for the Estee Lauder event. My 10 year old daughter could do that job! Aren’t you jealous?



I work in an office with 5 other people. 3 of us are female, 3 of us are male. We all share the same bathroom. Sometimes this is a problem because as we all know, most men stink WAY worse than us women. I’m not saying that ALL men stink more than women, but for the most part, from my experience, men stink.

Our accountant spends his breaks in the bathroom every day. He must “hang” out in there for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. This man is regular! And Lysol spray just mixes in with the odor when he’s done. It doesn’t hide or cover it one bit.

There is an office that is only used a day or two a week next door. So, if I know the bathroom has been occupied for too long, I’ll go use that bathroom. I personally hate to use my office’s bathroom when nature calls for me to go #2. I do my best to either hold it until I get home or to wait till the last minute and do my business quickly. I even turn on the water so that hopefully the running water will cover any surprise noises.

We’ve had the “BIG WIGS” here for the past few days, which adds another 3 men into the equation. All 9 of us sharing 1 bathroom. The bathroom is located in the back of the office along with the refrigerator, the water cooler, the sink, and the copier and fax machine. So if you are using the bathroom for more than just to go pee, chances are someone might hear or smell you.

One of the “BIG WIGS” went to use the bathroom this morning. He was in there for sometime, and I had forgotten that I saw him go in there. I went back to use the copier when I heard a poopy fart bellow from beyond the barrier of the bathroom door. I tried my best not to laugh when I heard it. And I’ve also avoided that restroom since then.


Big Wigs are in the office until Thursday. Can't write. Hope everyone is doing well out here in blogland. I miss you all! I'll catch up with you later.......



Thought I would share with everyone that my co-workers houses are still standing! One of the guy’s neighbors garage was burned to the ground along with 2 cars and other stuff they had in there. But the fire department did an excellent job at saving the house as well as the surrounding houses. Only they do not have any electricity or heat, so they aren’t able to stay there. They are expecting to be able to go home in about a week or so.

The other guy I work with that lives in Crestline, was able to return home Monday. They have electricity and heat and all is well.



I would have to say that this was one of the most unusual Halloweens I’ve ever experienced. I was fortunate enough to get off work at 3:30 and have the kids ready to trick-or-treat by 5:30. My daughter dressed up as Vampira, and my son was a very scary skeleton. Thank God my sister came with us, or else I would have had to endured my daughters friend Ariel’s Dad all night. Alone. He was quite drunk and extremely obnoxious. So this is what happened:

We arrive at Ariel’s and meet up with her family and their friends. Ariel’s family always goes all out for Halloween. They totally decorate their house with spooky décor, fog, and eerie music. They also go all out with their costumes. They are almost movie quality. So Ariel’s mom dressed up as an old scientist guy and her dad had a very good Werewolf costume. Ariel’s grandmother started to come with us, but then decided that she was too cold to go trick-or-treating with the kids, so she went home. Ariel’s mom went with her. My sister and I were left with the kids and Mr. Drunk Werewolf (as I will now call him).

I don’t think I really realized how drunk he was until he wanted to go up the same block twice. I knew that it wasn’t apple juice in the red party cup he was carrying around. My conclusion was that he was drinking some non-diluted hard alcohol because every time he went to scare somebody, you could almost see the alcohol spewing from his mouth. And you could totally smell it from 10 feet away. If somebody would have lit a cigarette at the same time Mr. Drunk Werewolf yelled “Rawr”, you would of thought that he was really a fire-eating Werewolf and all of his fur would of caught on fire. The other “give away” that he was completely hammered was the fact that he tried to scare EVERY SINGLE PERSON he came in contact with or passed by him. For the first 10 minutes it was kind of funny. But after he “rawred” at me and my sister 5 times during our first 10 minutes with the guy, it became quite annoying.

So we went up one side of this street that ended as a cul-de-sac and came down the other side. Well, we crossed the street after we were done and met back where we started on that same street. Mr. Drunk Werewolf started to go back up that same street. We had to convince him that we’ve already been up that street and we needed to walk up the next street. So he finally agreed. Well, the street that we were now on, went up to the street he lives on. I don’t know where the guy thought he was, but as we were approaching his corner, he said to Ariel, “Hey, were almost to your school”! If we would of gone the opposite direction , we would have been close to the school, but we were blocks from the school. The entire time, I acted as if I wasn’t in the same group as Mr. Drunk Werewolf.

Trick-or-treating with the little one’s is probably my favorite part about Halloween. I would watch my son go to the door and ring the doorbell. He made sure that he was the first one at the door at each we went to. After the first couple houses, I asked him “Did you remember to say Thank You”. He said “Oops! No”. So I told him to make sure he says Thank You to everyone. So from then on, after each house he went to, he would tell me “I said Thank You”. We quit trick-or-treating around 7. It really seemed like it was 10. I was so happy to get away from Mr. Drunk Werewolf.

Later, I needed to go to the store. I had to drag my sister out with me. We got in my car and as we were about to turn, a group of teen-age guys came running across the street, wearing nothing by Speedo’s. We were cracking up. And we knew some major shrinkage had to have taken place since we were freezing our asses off Trick-or-Treating. We rolled down the windows and started yelling “Owwwwwww” at them. We made our turn, and then decided to mess with them some more, so I made a U turn and found them again. Rolled the windows down and started yelling “Yah baby, Owwwwwwww”. We got to the end of the street and saw another group of teen-age guys (who were fully clothed). They BA’d us. Then I looked at my sister and said “I hope we can’t go to jail for this”. Then we went to the store. See the fun my sister would of missed out on if I didn’t take her to the store with me?