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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



I work in an office with 5 other people. 3 of us are female, 3 of us are male. We all share the same bathroom. Sometimes this is a problem because as we all know, most men stink WAY worse than us women. I’m not saying that ALL men stink more than women, but for the most part, from my experience, men stink.

Our accountant spends his breaks in the bathroom every day. He must “hang” out in there for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. This man is regular! And Lysol spray just mixes in with the odor when he’s done. It doesn’t hide or cover it one bit.

There is an office that is only used a day or two a week next door. So, if I know the bathroom has been occupied for too long, I’ll go use that bathroom. I personally hate to use my office’s bathroom when nature calls for me to go #2. I do my best to either hold it until I get home or to wait till the last minute and do my business quickly. I even turn on the water so that hopefully the running water will cover any surprise noises.

We’ve had the “BIG WIGS” here for the past few days, which adds another 3 men into the equation. All 9 of us sharing 1 bathroom. The bathroom is located in the back of the office along with the refrigerator, the water cooler, the sink, and the copier and fax machine. So if you are using the bathroom for more than just to go pee, chances are someone might hear or smell you.

One of the “BIG WIGS” went to use the bathroom this morning. He was in there for sometime, and I had forgotten that I saw him go in there. I went back to use the copier when I heard a poopy fart bellow from beyond the barrier of the bathroom door. I tried my best not to laugh when I heard it. And I’ve also avoided that restroom since then.


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