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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



Saturday at 4:00 pm I walked out of Macy’s with 2 big bags filled with $400 worth of Estee Lauder cosmetics and fragrances after spending 5 hours of registering customers for their Gala event. Not only did I get myself a great assortment of eye shadows, lip gloss, lip stick, lip liner, mascara, foundation, face powder, moisturizer, exfoliater, body scrub, and cologne, I got a ton of stuff for my sister, my mom and Rosa for Christmas.

I have to admit, I get pure pleasure out of trying out new cosmetics. I love to experiment with the eye shadows to give myself either a dramatic effect or a natural look, depending on my mood or where I’m going. I also love to try out new lip liners and lip-glosses. I feel as though your lips and eyes are the most expressive part about a persons face and the way you wear your eye shadow and lips can really make them stand out.

Working the table on Saturday, made me kind of miss working with customers I’m great at customer service and I think I make people feel welcome and happy about their shopping experience. Just don’t get an attitude with me because then you won’t get shit out of me, which is why I don’t work directly with customers anymore.

Funniest Name EVER!!!!

Part of my job on Saturday was to radio to the people in the stock room with the name of the cosmetics counter, the name of the associate and the name of the customer picking up their order. So this lady tells me her last name is .......are you ready for this? ....... Seriously, put down any beverages and swallow your food before reading the following........ Are you done yet?......... I'm not joking, swallow....... (I think I've heard that before)...........Ok, you might want to sit down.......... oh you also might want to relieve your bladder too, so you don't piss your pants laughing so hard...... Now remember, I'm saying this over the radio and being as mature about it as I possibly can be, her name is SOLOCUM. That's fucking HILARIOUS!


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