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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



Ok so I’m a few days early with my Happy Turkey Day, but I’ll probably be leaving early from work tomorrow (knock on wood). And since tomorrow is the day before Thanksgiving, I’m sure I won’t be doing much work in the 3 ½ hours I’m here.

The only thing that really totally and completely sucks about my job is that even though I don’t work in a store, I still work in retail, which means I have to be here the day after Thanksgiving. Oh and did I mention that I’m going to Bakersfield to see my family for Thanksgiving? Yup, that’s right! I’ll be leaving directly from work tomorrow to pick up my sister and my kids, and then we’ll be off to Bakersfield which is a 3 ½ hour drive, one way. Then Friday morning, I’ll get up at 4 am, leave my Grandpa’s house by 5 am and drive 3 ½ hours to work. When I arrive at the mall there won’t be any parking, so I’ll have to fight traffic just so I can park on the top level of the parking structure and walk down 4 flights of stairs, through Robinsons-May and fight foot traffic through the mall just to get to my office. Of course I won’t feel like working that day either. But I’ll still be here and pretend to work. I’m a master at that. Just like right now, I’m typing this blog post in Word, then I’ll copy and past it very quickly into Blogger, press the Post/Publish button and be out of there lickety split. As far as the rest of the office knows, I’m typing copy for something or other pertaining to my job.

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving everyone!


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