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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



We’ve had Charlie for about a week now and he’s finally starting to come out of his shell. He’s very skittish and all he wants to do is either be held or hide. That is, until last night. Just like a newborn baby, he woke me up because he was hungry. How did I know he was hungry? Well, Jerry and I sleep in the buff, and I woke up to a kitty trying to nurse on me. That wasn’t going to fly, plus I felt kind of violated since he’s not a human and I didn’t give birth to him. So I got my ass out of bed at 3 am and into the cold to feed him. He scarfed down his food, and then I took him to the cat box to do his business, since I didn’t want to wake up to the smell of shit or piss on our bed later.

Charlie definitely felt better after having a full tummy and also because he just relieved himself, so he decided that it was play time. Between Charlie wanting to play and Jerry coming down sick with a temperature last night, (I hope it’s not the flu) I didn’t get much sleep last night.



This was one hectic weekend. We’ve been trying to decorate the house since last weekend, but we’ve either been too busy or too tired to attempt it. So Friday, we decided would be the night. We were up until 1 am putting up decorations and the tree. Since it was so late, we only got the lights up on the tree then decided to call it a night.

The next morning I made Blueberry pancakes and then we finished decorating the tree. Jerry and I had free tickets (that I won from the radio) to go to quad races and a concert. Alien Ant farm was the main band that was going to play. So we took the kids to Fuck Heads house and went to the races/concert. We had no idea exactly how they were going to set it all up. The gates opened at noon, but we got there around 4:30. We watched the main event for the quad races, then they told us all to go over to the building where the concert was going to be held.

Jerry and I didn’t have a lot of time to be there since we had to get up early the next day to go to Disneyland with the kids. We figured we’d hang out for a couple of hours then pick up the kids and go home and get to bed early. So we were herded like cattle after the races, over to the concert building. We found a place close up to the stage and planted ourselves there. We stood there for the next hour, watching a quad racing DVD they were playing on the jumbo-tron. We also inhaled a ton of second hand marijuana smoke and got a pretty good buzz from it. We had no clue what time the bands were going to start playing and we really needed to get going, so we left before we even saw one act. We picked up the kids from Fuck Heads and I realized I probably totally smelled like weed. I was laughing about it when I got in the car.

Sunday we got up at 5 am and left the house by 6 to meet Jerry’s mom’s friend at Disneyland by 7:30. She works in Fantasyland and can get 3 people into both parks for free. We got my son in for free saying that he was 3. (He’s really a small 5 year old). Getting to the park so early was great. We only had about a 5-minute wait for the rides until about 10. We made sure we hit all the good rides first.

We left the park at 1 to have lunch and go to Jerry’s sister’s house (who lives only about 15 minutes from Disneyland) for their family gift exchange. While we were at her house, it started to rain. It stopped raining before we got back to the park. Only this time we went over to the California Adventure side. This was my first time there and it really wasn’t all that. There is not a whole lot to do and I can’t believe that they charge people the same price as they do for Disneyland. It’s a total rip off.

We went back over to Disneyland and watched the Christmas Parade, Fantasmic and the fireworks before going to Small World. This was my first time ever going to Disneyland during the holiday season, and they had the park decorated so beautifully and they totally re-did all the lights on Small World, as well as making the insides all Christmasy. They also do a fantastic job with the Haunted Mansion. They totally re-do the Mansion and it’s themed after “The Nightmare Before Christmas” movie.

We left the park at 11 and got home at 12:30. The kids slept in the car during the entire trip home, and Jerry and I were completely exhausted. Poor Jerry only got about 3 ½ hours of sleep before he had to get up for work. I got up with him and helped him make his lunch, then I went back to bed until 7:30. I really didn’t want to get out of bed and I really needed about 4 hours more sleep than what I got. I was a total zombie at work yesterday.

The kids are with their dad this week, so after I went home yesterday, we heated up some soup and we were in bed at 7! So now I’m all rested and hopefully this week we will find the time to clean up our mess from decorating the house. I really would love a 30 hour day. That way I could have 3 more hours to sleep and 3 more hours to get stuff done.



As you know from the post below, our cat Smokey was found dead on top of my car in the garage last Friday. Well, I don’t know if it’s fate or a sign from God, but last night we found a gray kitten in our garage. Bruster (our dog) was sleeping next to our bed and she must of heard something in the garage and went to the door and started barking. Jerry let her out into the garage and she started chasing a cat. Now we’re not sure if it was just the cat we found, or another cat also, but we thought we saw a black cat as well. We put Bruster outside while we caught the poor little petrified kitten. His little heart was beating a million miles a minute. I held him close and pet him until he started purring. Then we decided that it must be fate for a grey kitten to be found in our garage so we’re keeping him. He slept next to me under the covers all night long.

I say, screw the people who let him outside in the freezing cold. They don’t deserve to have pets if they are going to make them sleep outside on a night when it’s been raining and hailing. Especially such a small, adorable kitten. He must have been trying to find a warm place to sleep for the night and found our garage.

We’ve talked about weather or not to replace Smokey so that Sophie (my cat) has a friend to play with other than Bruster. Bruster loves Sophie and they get along great, but Bruster is too much for Sophie to handle since she is so much bigger and goes crazy when she wants to play.

We found the kitten at 3 am this morning. I woke the kids up with a surprise saying “Hey you guys, we have a new kitten!” When they saw him, they were so excited and happy. So now we are in the process of naming him. I came up with Charly. Get it? Char like charcoal. Jerry likes it. I’ll run it by the kids. My daughter wanted to call him Smokey Jr. or Jr. for short. Jerry thought about using a synonym for Smokey, but I couldn’t find any that would work.

Ok, and yes, It’s out now and I’m done hiding it, Jerry and I are back together. Bring on the hate/your-so-stupid-what-are-u-thinking mail! I ready to deal with it. I couldn’t take it all at once so I had to let my friends and family deal with it before I came out with it.

We’re going to counseling and Jerry is going to anger management classes once a week. I got a lot of grief from my friends and family, and they are accepting it more and more every day. And I am happy about my decision.



I guess I should begin with Thursday since something fun happened that day.

On of the best times of the year for my job is Christmas. Not only am I incredibly busy, but It’s when I receive most of the “perks” from my job. And that means parties, long lunches and gifts! My boss and I left at 11:00 am to meet our Deborah and Janice (from the ad agency we use) at the Mission Inn in Riverside for lunch. The Mission Inn is elegant, historical and they go all out with beautiful decorations for the holidays. Plus, their buffet is outstanding. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t like buffets.

We took our time eating and chatting, eating some more and after desert, Deborah pulls out of her Coach bag, 3 Tiffany’s boxes! 2 of the boxes went to my boss and the third went to moi! Of course I wouldn’t be disappointed about receiving ANYTHING from Tiffany’s! I mean … helloooooooo! I opened up my box and inside was a small green leather pouch, I looked in the pouch and inside was a sterling silver necklace with an A as the charm. It’s so dainty and I love it! I mean, of course I love it, it came from Tiffany’s!

My boss and I came back to work around 2:30 and I had to work my ass off for the rest of the day since I was taking Friday off (I’ll tell you why in a minute) and we had a promotion starting Friday morning. So I had to make sure everything was ready for the promotion. I had to cram 2 days of work into the 6 hours I had of actual work time on Thursday.


Friday was a real bummer. One of the worst days I’ve had in a long time. I really should of read my horoscope before I even got out of bed. But the events that took place that day were inevitable.

I took the day off on Friday to go to the funeral of my sisters God Father. He is someone my sister and I grew up with when we lived in Bakersfield. His family was like our second family. Anyways…….

I go out to the garage Friday morning and get in my car and notice that my cat Smokey is lying on the car. He never moved when I came in the garage, nor did he move when I got into my car which is very unusual. So I figured if I started the car, he would move. He didn’t. I knew something was very wrong. I sat there looking at him, trying to see any sign breathing, a twitch, or something. Nothing. I get out of the car and I say “Smokey?” Still nothing. I put my hand on him and he felt stiff. It took me about 5 seconds to grasp the fact that my cat was dead before bursting into tears. I freak out for a few minutes then I gather my thoughts about what to do about it. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that he was dead. It didn’t make any sense.

I called Jerry at work, crying hysterically. It took me a few times for him to get what I was telling him. Then once he understood, he tried to comfort me. Then we decided that I would put Smokey in a box and leave him in the garage and when Jerry got home, he would burry him somewhere in the back yard. I got a towel and wrapped Smokey in the towel and set him in a box and closed the box, and then I left to meet my sister at her apartment.

My sister and I drove to Bakersfield together. That’s where the funeral was. My sister drove. I wasn’t in any shape to drive 3 hours. I was so depressed. So my sister put on the George Lopez comedy CD for us to listen to on the way. It was just what I needed to get my mind of Smokey and have a good laugh.

We got to the funeral just before 2. It was a Catholic funeral and it was about the longest 2 hours of my entire life! Stand up, sit down, kneel, sit, stand, sit, stand, kneel, sit, stand, sit. I swear, those Catholics are some really bossy people! Plus I don’t know any other religion where they treat people like dogs. The funeral was nice, but WAY too long for my taste. When I die, I just want my friends and family to say some nice things about me, tell some stories, say a prayer then have a big ass party!

After the grave side service, we all went back to the church for a get-together. I don’t know how many times my sister and I heard “I used to baby sit you girls” or “We used to swim in your pool”. It was fun to see people that knew us when we were kids. Most everyone got my sister and I confused with each other thinking my sister was the oldest. Heehee. At least that’s what I think.



My son (who is 5) and I were in the car and I was on the phone with my friend Rosa. At the end of the conversation she says to me “ok love ya” then I say “love ya too”. I hang up and my son says to me “Who were you talking to?” I said “Rosa”. He says “Why did you say “Love you too?” so I explained to him that Rosa is my best friend and I love her. He says to me just as I was taking a drink of my coke “that means you must kiss!” I swear I almost spit my coke all over my front windshield.


It’s MOAN-day

So I’m back at work, just like everyone else. I have to say that working on Friday was a total crock and the fact that I drove 3 ½ hours one way just to work for 4 ½ hours really should be against labor laws. I probably spent more in gas money than I made. Well, that isn’t entirely true, since I did get paid for the entire day. But anyways here’s a recap of my last 4 days away from you guys:

Turkey day was spent at my drunken aunts house. Here are some highlights:

Every time she gave someone a tour of her brand new house and her brand new furniture, she clapped as if she were a Sim just finding some new things in her house that she was happy about.

My mom gave her some new panties as a house-warming present since she said all of hers had holes in them and she wasn’t spending any money buying new panties since all of her money is going towards her house (and booze). She tried on the new panties and came out and modeled them to all of us. Thank God the guys hadn’t shown up yet. Anyways, a long time friend of the family’s came over with her husband. Well they were getting ready to leave and apparently, my drunk aunt didn’t realize they were still there. Either that or she just didn’t give a shit. Anyways, she had also forgot that she’d already modeled her new panties to all of us and pulled down her sweat pants to show us that she was the proud owner of panties that don’t have holes in them. Her friend’s husband caught a glimpse and quickly turned his head away.

It’s a tradition in our family to go around at say what we are thankful for. So she proceeds to make a very long speech about how she was thankful that she was able to buy her house and furnish it without the help of a man. Even with her dad, my dad and my uncle sitting right there. Then she goes on to apologize to the men and say that she’s not bitter, etc. The speech was quite lovely.

Ok, there’s not enough time for me to go on about the last 4 days, so I’ll just pick up where I left off tomorrow.