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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


It’s MOAN-day

So I’m back at work, just like everyone else. I have to say that working on Friday was a total crock and the fact that I drove 3 ½ hours one way just to work for 4 ½ hours really should be against labor laws. I probably spent more in gas money than I made. Well, that isn’t entirely true, since I did get paid for the entire day. But anyways here’s a recap of my last 4 days away from you guys:

Turkey day was spent at my drunken aunts house. Here are some highlights:

Every time she gave someone a tour of her brand new house and her brand new furniture, she clapped as if she were a Sim just finding some new things in her house that she was happy about.

My mom gave her some new panties as a house-warming present since she said all of hers had holes in them and she wasn’t spending any money buying new panties since all of her money is going towards her house (and booze). She tried on the new panties and came out and modeled them to all of us. Thank God the guys hadn’t shown up yet. Anyways, a long time friend of the family’s came over with her husband. Well they were getting ready to leave and apparently, my drunk aunt didn’t realize they were still there. Either that or she just didn’t give a shit. Anyways, she had also forgot that she’d already modeled her new panties to all of us and pulled down her sweat pants to show us that she was the proud owner of panties that don’t have holes in them. Her friend’s husband caught a glimpse and quickly turned his head away.

It’s a tradition in our family to go around at say what we are thankful for. So she proceeds to make a very long speech about how she was thankful that she was able to buy her house and furnish it without the help of a man. Even with her dad, my dad and my uncle sitting right there. Then she goes on to apologize to the men and say that she’s not bitter, etc. The speech was quite lovely.

Ok, there’s not enough time for me to go on about the last 4 days, so I’ll just pick up where I left off tomorrow.


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