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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



Ok I’ve been really lazy about blogging through the Holidays. But now they are over, and things are back to “normal”. I’ll catch you up a little from the past few weeks:
Christmas was great. Jerry, the kids and I went to my parents house on Christmas Eve. I got ALMOST everything I wanted. A digital camera, leather jacket, new boots, earrings, and a bunch of other goodies. The only thing I didn’t get that I toally wanted was my Tiffany’s Sterling Silver Heart Tag Charm Bracelet. I figured that I still have our Anniversary, Valentine's Day and my Birthday for that, so I wasn't too disappointed.

Christmas day, the kids opened their Santa presents and went to their Dad’s later in the day. So Jerry and I spent the rest of our Christmas Day sleeping, making lot’s of good lovin’ and watching movies. It was great!

New Year’s Eve, I worked until about 1 and came home and tried to nap. Jerry worked normal hours, so when he got off work, he had a few things to do and needed my help, which interrupted my much needed nap. Needless to say, I was VERY GRUMPY for most of the evening. We had plans to do a few things that fell through, so we just went to our neighbor’s house and stayed until about 1 am and went home.


I took the day after New Year’s off. Jerry and I had a few things to do around the house, but we got them done fairly early. Around 2 pm Jerry says to me “What do you think about going to Utah to see my dad this weekend”. (Jerry hasn’t seen in dad in over a year, and hasn’t been to Utah in about 10 years) I replied “Let’s go”! We made a few calls, and were on the road by 4!

We live in Southern California. Jerry’s dad lives in Provo, Utah. 10 hours away! We were hoping that we could just get to Hurricane, Utah (where a lot of Jerry’s family lives) and see Jerry’s Grandma. We were hoping that his dad would be able to meet us there since he’s another 4 hours past Hurricane. Well, Jerry’s Dad’s car is in the shop and has no other way to get anywhere, so that didn’t work out.

We arrived in Hurricane at 11 pm (Utah time) and stayed with Jerry’s Aunt and Uncle. We get up in the morning and 7 other relatives come over to have Breakfast with us. After Breakfast, Jerry’s other Aunt and Uncle took us to see Jerry’s grandmother who is in a rest home. He hasn’t seen her in over 10 years and she didn’t even recognize him. But after she figured out who he was, she was thrilled to see him. We visited for about an hour, then got on the road to Provo.

There was a storm that came in while we were on the road. I’m talking snow for hours and hours. I’m a So. Cal. Girl, I see snow once a year and it doesn’t stick for more than a few hours, so this was really something for me. I got to see people sliding off the road, sliding into big rigs, and the thing I couldn’t believe, people stopped in the middle of the highway just to put on snow chains! I had a lot of fun with my new digital camera!

We got to Provo around 4 pm and picked up Jerry’s dad from work. We got a hotel room, then went to dinner at some more relatives house. What a surprise dinner turned out to be. I was expecting good old fashioned Chili, and I didn’t realize how old fashioned it was going to be. The Chili wasn’t made with any meat that you would find in your local grocery store. Oh no! It was made with Elk Meat. I found this out after helping myself to 2 nice big heaping spoonfuls of the stuff. I hadn’t taken a bite before I found out what it was and was completely grossed out. I should of known better when their Game room is actually a “GAME” room. Full of animal heads that he’s murdered in the past. Buffalo, Moose, Elk, some kind of pig that isn’t actually a pig, and a few others.

Needless to say, I wasn’t happy and actually thought about becoming a vegetarian suddenly. I was polite and ate half of it. I filled up on bread and cottage cheese with peaches and tried to eat as little of the elk chili as possible without seeming rude. But it was hard for them not to know how I felt about it when Jerry asks me, out loud, “How do you like it”?! I wanted to kick him as hard as I could under the table. But everyone was looking at me, so I replied, “It’s ok” with tears in my eyes and trying to hold back the puking sensation that I was feeling. He knew I was freaking out about it and thought it was funny. I tried to express to them as politely as possible that I don’t eat “Game” animals. They seemed understanding and apologetic.

We finally got out of there and went to another one of Jerry’s relative. The coolest guy of the bunch and the only Non-Mormon of them all. We walked in and he started cussing and offered us ALCOHOL! I totally loved this guy! I swear I wanted to drink more because it was Taboo. So Greg made me a “Cherry Cheesecake”. It was delicious! We hung out with him until we were exhausted and wanted to go have our own party in our hotel room, so we got out of there, dumped Jerry’s dad off at his apartment and got busy in our room until we dropped with exhaustion.

Yesterday, we woke up so late! We wanted to have been on the road by the time we got up so we hauled some major ass to get ready. I jumped in the shower and Jerry called his dad and Greg (who we were supposed to meet for breakfast) to let them know that we were running WAY late and didn’t have time to go out for breakfast. Jerry was getting dressed as I was getting out of the shower. He didn’t have a shirt on, and was pulling up his jeans, I just had a towel on, as the front door of our room swung wide open. It was the cleaning lady! She didn’t knock or anything, just walked on in. We stayed in an older hotel, so it didn’t have the electronic key, an inside lock, a do not disturb sign or anything! I was sooooooooo pissed! I couldn’t believe that she would just walk in like that without knocking. I called the front desk immediately and completely bitched them out. I still should have them give us a credit on our credit card for that. I just couldn’t believe it.

We said good bye to Jerry’s dad and got on the road back home around 11 am. The trip home was beautiful. Everything was dusted with snow as far as you could see. It was a bright sunny day and the roads had cleared up which helped with the driving conditions. We made it to Vegas by 3pm yesterday and decided to go to Freemont Street (which is the old part of L.V.). I’ve never been to Freemont Street before and it was actually pretty cool. The have an overhead light show that they do at night. (Which we didn’t get to see). Fear Factor actually did a stunt on Freemont Street during their Las Vegas episode.

After Freemont St. we went over to the Stratosphere to go on their rides and to see the view from on top of the tower. The view was spectacular! The rides were ok. The roller coaster completely sucked. They have another ride that shoots you up that was really good, and another one that makes you feel like you’re going to fall off the building. That one would have been a ton better if we had front seats.

We left Vegas around 8:30 and headed home. I’m so glad we stopped, because if we would have just went on through, we would have been stuck in traffic for hours. Traffic was heavy coming home from Vegas, but wasn’t bad. We made it home by 11 and I was exhausted!


Last night I was dreaming that there was an old couple in my room with me and Jerry. The old man wanted my help with something, but I wasn’t comfortable with him being there because I was naked under the covers. Well, the old man started to attack me and I started to freak out. I could actually feel him grabbing me and trying to cop a feel! I grabbed the blankets and tried to wrap them around me and jump off my bed. I could hear Jerry laughing, but I was dreaming that he was trying to be nice to the old man, thought it was funny, but was trying to get him off me at the same time.

In REALITY, Jerry was trying to get me to calm down and WAS touching me, trying to hold me and tell me it’s ok and to calm down. But I was incorporating him touching me into my dream as the old man touching me and grabbing me, which freaked me out even more. When I finally woke up and realized it was a dream, not only did I feel stupid, I was still scared and freaked out by the dream and burst into tears.

Usually when I have night terrors, I don’t get touched in any way. So the touching, and me actually feeling the touching made it more realistic and I was in such a deep sleep, it was hard for me to come out of it. Poor Jerry has to put up with me scarring the living shit out of him in the middle of the night.


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