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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


See yesterday’s post before you read this!

Because I was so appalled that Fuck Head basically keeps getting away with murder, I decided to write a letter to the Chief Of Police. This is what I sent:



Dear Chief of Police,

There is a situation that occurred today that is absolutely stunning to me and completely unbelievable that I would like to bring to your attention. Today, January 15, 2004, my ex husband got pulled over. His name is Joel Edward Craig born on September 30, 1970. Now, I’m sure it’s not unusual for someone to get pulled over, because it happens many times, everyday. But I would think that it is unusual for someone who doesn’t have a valid California drivers license, car insurance and has 3 DUI’s that haven’t been taken care of on his record, to bet let go with a mere ticket for not having his seat belt on! Needless to say, I have been waiting for the day that he got pulled over and sent to jail, because he deserves it!

I’m sure I look like a vindictive ex wife trying to get revenge on her ex husband. That is not the case at all. I have been more than fair to him during our entire divorce. But do feel as though like everyone else, he does need to pay his debt to society. I would hope that you would look into this matter and that incompetence of the police officer that pulled him over.

Thank you for your time.



I sent this letter right before I left work last night. On my way home I couldn’t handle it, so I called the Police Department and told the dispatcher that I would like to file a complaint and would like to talk to somebody. I told her the story and she got me into contact with the officer that pulled Fuck Head over. How much more perfect could that be?

He gets on the phone and I explain who I am then I told him about Fuck Head’s history of DUI’s, suspended drivers license, failure to appears, etc. And I also tell him about how appalled I was that he just let him go and how he has warrants because he doesn’t show up for court!

The officer explained that he arrested Fuck Head but didn’t have enough to take him to jail on and gave him a court date. That’s all the info I got before my phone died. Of course my phone had to die just as I was getting to the good part.

I got a phone call from the Chief of Police today, as his response to my email from last night. He wanted to know how I was so positive that Fuck Head’s license was suspended and about everything else. He explained that they didn’t impound the car because it wasn’t registered in his name. (I’m guessing that he still has it registered under his girlfriend’s name). He also told me that they did ticket him for his warrants as well and that he’s been given a court date.

I explained that it’s more likely than not that Fuck Head will not be appearing in court and that it seems as though nothing happens to him as long as he doesn’t appear. So what if he gets more failure to appears and more warrants if they aren’t doing anything about it other than just giving him more tickets and court dates. It’s not like they are taking him to jail or anything. That’s they only thing that will wake Fuck Head up!

I found out what I needed to know and they said that if he doesn’t show up for court, that they will more than likely pick him up for it.

The lesson learned here today: In California, you can drink and drive as many times as you want. Just don’t show up for court and you’ll get away with it.


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