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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



I HAD to be at work ON TIME today. It was pretty much imperative that I arrived no later than 8:30 this morning, so that I can keep my job. As I’ve said before, I’m habitually late to work. At least by 10 to 15 minutes every day for the past 2 years. If I show up on time or even 5 minutes late, everybody in the office makes a big deal about it and accuse me of being on drugs or something.

Before I left work yesterday, my boss calls me in her office and explains how important it is that I show up on time today. She stresses how our GM put his neck on the line for us so we can keep our jobs, and we HAVE to make a good impression by being here ON TIME! I told her that I’ve already made a mental note in my head to be here at 8:30, and not to worry, I’ll be here. Then I get back to my desk and Bobbie (she’s the lady that sits next to me) stresses how important it is to be here on time tomorrow. Then she reassured me that it’s not only me, because she can’t leave 10 minutes early either.

This morning, I woke up early, did my usual morning routine, put on my best suit, and got in my car at 8:05. I really wanted to leave my 7:45 so I could stop at Starbucks for a Mocha, but as usual, I did something that took more time that I was expecting. I had 25 minutes to get to work. With the way I drive, I should have been at work 5 minutes early! But NOOOOOO fucking people can’t drive and they cause traffic jams because they are going to slow.

The freeway I take to work is 3 lanes all the way into Redlands. It starts backing up about 3 miles BEFORE it becomes 5 lanes. I don’t get it!! Just step on the accelerator people. Once you’re in the 5 lane part, you’re out of the way and the faster the traffic will flow! It just pisses me off because there really is no reason for the hold up, unless of course, there is an accident. But most days there isn’t an accident. I swear I should start a class called “The Way April Wants You To Drive 101”. They can spend a week in the car, during heavy traffic, with me. They will learn how to maneuver through the cars, safely and effectively to get from point A to point B.

So after cussing out everyone on the 10 freeway this morning, stressing hard that I was going to be late despite my efforts and swiftly maneuvering though traffic after finally making it to the 5 lanes and going 90 mph, I made it to work with 2 minutes to spare (according to the clock on my phone which is 5 minutes slow). Only to find out that the corporate people will not be arriving until TOMORROW!


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