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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



This past weekend Jerry and I went to Ensanada. Jerry’s sister and her boyfriend invited us to join them for the weekend and stay the night on their boat. This was my first time EVER into Mexico. I’ve heard stories about the conditions there, but you never really know until you experience it yourself. As soon as you cross the border, it’s like entering into another world. People who appear homeless were walking along the side of the highway with plastic bags. I don’t know what was in the plastic bags but I assume that they may be looking for anything worth money. I don’t know. It’s not like I stopped to ask or anything.

Also, trash is just everywhere! It’s like the entire country is littered. I have no idea if they even have a designated landfill area, because if they do, they certainly don’t use it. The deeper we drove into Mexico, the more unbelievable things I saw. The worst of if was closer to Tijuana. They obviously have no building codes. People were actually living in homes made of plywood and tarps. Who knows what kind of floor they have. There would be a beautiful home and right next to it would be literally a shack! There was also a ton of un-finished construction everywhere! I’m talking unfinished hotels, commercial buildings, homes, etc. The roads were like driving on a roller coaster.

The most depressing thing I witnessed were the children literally begging in the streets. Mothers holding their babies and their small children gathered around them all dirty holding out cups for all the passersby. It broke my heart. But like everything, the more you see the more desensitized you become to it. When I saw the first family sitting on the street, begging for money, It quickly ruined my mood, I became sad and depressed and felt sorry for these poor children. It took a while for me to snap out of it. I think it was after EVERONE was begging for money or business, that I became desensitized. But I still felt badly for the children regardless. The most appalling thing was on the way home and the families in the middle of the road begging. It was like a 10 lane highway and these women had their kids in-between the rows begging. That really pissed me off. I didn’t take pictures of these things because they were depressing to me. Instead, I took happy pictures!

We arrived in Ensanada at 10:30 am on Saturday morning. It took us 3 hours to get there. Shortly after our arrival, we took the boat to an island right of the Ensanada coast. We anchored the boat and dropped the kayak into the water. Since there was 4 of us, and it was only a 2 man kayak, we had to take turns coming and going to the island. First Craig and June went. Craig dropped off June and came back for Jerry. Then Jerry dropped off Craig and came back for me. We had to row through a canal in the rocks. It was a lot of fun.

When we got to land, there were about 10 kayaks already on the beach. We hiked to the top and found there were people camping on the island. The trail we took went right through their campsite. We brought some M80’s with us (M80’s are very very large firecrackers) and lit one off. As soon as it exploded, all the Seagulls went crazy! It was hysterical. We waited for them to calm down, then decided to light another one off. The birds went bizzerk again. We decided to get out of there before the campers ganged up on us and decided to have us for dinner and before we got shit on. All of us had a few close calls. I wouldn’t of been happy if I had a splash from above on my head. That would suck.

We took turns kayaking back to the boat, and when we were all aboard, we went back to the dock and made some drinks then went into town. (This is where all the begging children come in). Since my tennis shoes got wet, all I had to wear was a pair of high-heeled boots. And these boots weren’t made for walking! We did a little shopping and bought a bottle of Kalahua for $8 and tequila for $13! We also got a bag of M80’s for $5 and a few other things.

After we finished our shopping excursion, we went back to the boat for a Filet Mignon dinner, a few drinks and some shots of Tequila. When we finally caught a good buzz, we had another drink while we got ready to go out clubbin! Craig and June like to go to the strip clubs in Mexico because they say they are hilarious. Well, they weren’t lying! This was my first strip club experience, and let’s just say, I wasn’t impressed. Almost made me want to get up there and show them how it’s done! Hell, I’ve seen strippers on TV and I know what to do! I was impressed however with the price of drinks. We bought a round of tequila and beer for $8! I’m talkin’ 4 shots of tequila and 4 beers for $8! Hell, in any club in California, 1 shot of tequila would cost you $8.

We had a couple of rounds and I think all of us were pretty plastered by then. That’s about when the drama started. Jerry said something to me that hurt my feelings and I started crying. June was pissed at Jerry for being a jerk, Jerry and I got into a fight and went back to the boat. It was a stupid fight, and I completely over reacted to the stupid remark Jerry said (which I would of blown off if I were sober). After sleeping off the countless tequila shots, and all the other drinks mixed with the tequila, we made up. I had a really bad hangover and couldn’t eat anything all day without thinking I would barf. We left Ensanada around 4 on Sunday and made it home after 8 pm.

This weekend was an experience that I've been looking forward to for a long time. Seeing the poverty and squaller that these people live in makes you appreciate the things you have and this great country we live in.


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