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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



I’m to lazy today, and yesterday, to write about details. But that’s probably a good thing, because sometimes I tend to give out too many. So here’s my weekend, in bullet points…enjoy…

· Helped Rosa move (again), only this time, it’s more permanent.
· Took my son to a birthday party that he was beyond excited to go to.
· Drove around with Jerry, looking for a place to live.
· Picked up my son from party right when it started to rain. I saved his little butt from drowning in the Spiderman Jumper.
· Drove to Anaheim to see the Monster Trucks!

· Took our bikes out for their first ride since we got them for Christmas.
· Wanted to go back after riding the first block up hill. I swear I was going to die! I know I’m so pathetic.
· Convinced Jerry that he’s perfectly capable of going to the grocery store without me.
· While Jerry was shopping for food, I spent that time dolling myself up for our anniversary dinner.
· Dropped the kids off at my sisters so Jerry and I could have our anniversary dinner by ourselves. Yes, on January 25, we have been together for exactly one year.

I’m sure there is a detail or two that was un-needed, but screw it, I did my best. Now with that said, there is a TON of stuff going on at work. For one, the mall that I work for has been sold. Two, I may, or may not be working for the new management company who is part owner of the mall. I have been here 3 years and this will be the third management company that I’m going to work for. I know there is some email that’s circulated about “You know you live in 2003 when….” and one of the things on the list is…. “you’ve been at the same job and have worked for 3 different companies” or something like that. It’s possible that they won’t keep me on. And I wouldn’t blame them if they let me go. Seriously, I’m completely bored with my job, and my work performance has slacked. I get my stuff done, but I do what I have to. Which is why I’m looking for something else. Something I can get excited over. I need to be challenged and taught new things. Neither of those things is happening anymore. I figured I’d wait and see what’s up with this new company, and if nothing changes, then I’m gone!


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