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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Moving up or moving on

I've be a complete blog slacker lately because I dare not blog at work. We got new computers and I swear the company has some sort of spy software installed so they can watch everything we're working on or doing, as we're doing it. Other than that and the silly way we have to answer the phones, I LOVE the new company so far. I love that they are pretty much paperless and you can do most of your work through the internet porthole, I also like the upper management. Everyone has made our office feel very welcome to the new company. We are their new baby. I also like the fact that I now work for the same company as her!

Of course I have to learn the new policies and procedures, since the way I used to do stuff has completely changed. But that's to be expected and I've been through this once before, only it's much easier this time because I was completely ready for this.

With the new company, comes new opportunities. I applied to be the Specialty Leasing Rep. for my mall. What is a Specialty Leasing Rep.? They take care of the leasing for the temporary tenants such as the carts and temporary inline tenants. Basically the handling of short term leases.

The V.P. of Leasing came out to the mall last Thursday, and since I got a heads up the day prior, I had to scramble to fine tune my resume. I had a lot of support from my co-workers and it was nice to have them behind me. So she came in on Thursday, and I showed her to the conference room and went to get the Property Manager. He told me to tell her that he would be a minute, so I thought that would be a perfect opportunity to spring my resume on her.

I ran and grabbed my resume (I've already introduced myself) and ran into the conference room and handed it to her as I let her know that I was interested in the position. We sat down and I had an immediate interview. She really liked me and she thought that the position would be a great move up for me, BUT (I know, there's always that BUT in there isn't there?) she has already hired someone for the position, like 2 weeks ago. No one in my office knew that they had someone; we thought the position was open. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed. She did say a lot of really nice things to me and told me that since they promote within, she'd keep me in mind if another opportunity came up. So I'm hoping that in the next year, something does come up, cuz I really need to start making more money. It's time for me to either move up or move on.

Side note
If you're wondering what happened to our old Specialty Leasing person, she worked for the last company's corporate office. Since she was "corporate", she didn't get hired by the new company.

Since I may not have another opportunity to blog until next week, Jerry and I are going to Glamis for Valentines Day weekend! My best friend and her boyfriend are coming with us and we’re going to meet up with some of my old friends from high school. In fact, Denise emailed me a few years ago from Classmates.com and said hi, and we’ve been emailing each other ever since. They went to Glamis for New Years and she emailed me the pics. I was excited to see that they went to Glamis too, and so we’ve been planning this trip since the middle of January. I haven’t even seen Denise since High School! But she has some other friends that I also went to school with that are coming too. I saw them at our 10 year reunion AND at the lake last summer. They were barbequing right next to us on the island! I’m sure we’re going to have a total blast and I’m really looking forward to the trip. Have a great V. Day everyone!


We Make Great Things Happen!

Since I’m in the transitional stage of my job right now, and I’m not yet familiar with the procedures of the new company I’m working for, it makes it difficult to get certain things done. Every company does things differently and I’m not quite sure how this company does anything other than the stupid new way I have to answer the phone when Customer Service doesn’t pick it up. I’m telling you, it’s lame and I now HATE to answer the phone because of what I now have to say. It’s quite embarrassing.

I called work this morning to let them know that I was running a few minutes late, when my boss answered. She too has to answer the phone this certain way, and when she said “the phrase” it threw me off and almost made me forget what I was calling for. Let’s just say, all of us are less than happy to answer the phones anymore. I used to enjoy answering the phones, now I’m dreading the phone ringing and anticipating 10 am, when Customer Service starts answering the phones.

I know that I hate calling a store or company and listening to their 10-second sales pitch when they answer the phone, when all I want to know is a general question like “What time do you close today”? Most people call the mall to find out General Questions such as phone numbers, mall hours, or if we have a certain store. I’m sure they could care less if we make great things happen. Of course, I try to have as much fun with it as I can, such as making my “speal” longer, or saying it with a lot of emphasis or sometimes, completely dull. I mean, how funny would it be to call a company and the customer service person answers the phone “Thank you for calling The Galleria where we make great things happen” in the most monotone voice you’ve ever heard?

So tell me, if you’ve ever had to answer the phones at your job, what did you have to say?