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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



One thing I’ve always complimented my kids dad about being, was a good dad. He was always there for them, always played with them, and always spent good quality time with them. That is until this past month. Well, actually, it’s been going on for longer than I thought, only he had the kids with him. Confused yet? Let me explain…….

Fuckhead and I share custody of our kids. That’s what he wanted, against my better judgment, I thought it was what was best for the kids. I’ve just learned that I should always listen to my mother’s instincts. How we have our arrangement for the kids is, I get them Monday after school through the next Monday when I drop them off at school. Then he picks the kids up that Monday after school and has them until he drops them off at school the next Monday. So we each have them for a full week, every other week.

The week of March 8th – March 15th, Fuckhead was supposed to have the kids. He called me on the 8th to tell me that he was going to work late and asked if I could have the kids for him. Of course I was more than happy to take the kids for him. Well, he ended up “working late” every day that week. His mom wanted the kids to spend the night on Wednesday night, and he came to visit them for about an hour, then left. The next time the kids saw him was the following Sunday night. They spent the night with him, and he failed to wake up in the morning to take them to school. My daughter later told me that he drank so much the night before, he was passed out cold.

That Monday he was supposed to take them to school, the kids were supposed to go to my mom’s house after school, then I would pick them up after work. Fuckhead called my mom around 11 am to tell her that my son wasn’t feeling well, and he didn’t take him to school and that he had our daughter taken care of. I tried to call Fuckhead all day, that day, and he never answered his phone. I left several messages with him, then my mom called to tell me the house phone number (which they just got), since it showed up on her caller I D. I finally left a message with one of Fuckheads roommates, informing him that Fuckhead had better call me PRONTO or I will call the cops.

I had strong suspicions about what was going on, but didn’t have any proof. That is until Fuckhead finally called me while I was on my way home. He said that he wanted to spend the day with the kids, so he kept them out of school. I knew what really happened. My suspicion was that he drank too much the night before, and couldn’t wake up to take them to school so he just kept them out for the day. I laid into him and told him that he can’t just keep the kids home from school because he hasn’t seen them. Then I proceeded to tell him that after he pulled this stunt, he’d be lucky if he got the kids every other weekend.

I got the kids from him and that was the last time, me or the kids have heard from him. His week was supposed to start last Monday, even though I told him he wasn’t getting the kids, he didn’t even try. Plus, he hasn’t even called them since. Not a “Hi, how are you, I love you” nothing!

We were starting to get worried around last Tuesday, when Fuckhead hadn’t called me to ask me if I would have the kids during his week, and as each day passed, the more worried we got. His dad finally filed a missing persons report with the police dept. We had no clue if the man is alive or dead at this point, and if he was alive, he’s gonna wish he were dead, once we all have a stab at him. (No puns intended, well, maybe a little pun was intended heehee).

I decided that after pulling this stunt, there is no way in hell he’s getting the kids back. He’s going to have to earn them back little by little, starting with supervised visitation plus, he’s going to have to be clean for quite sometime to even take them anywhere. So on Saturday, I called his roommate and asked her if she would mind if I came over and got the kids things. She didn’t have any problem with that and happily let us in his room.

After gathering the kids things, we started snooping. And you’ll never guess what we found. Well, I’m sure you have some idea. Yup, drug paraphernalia! We found a pipe, razor blade, a short straw, and a few other things in a makeup bag. His roommate, looked through the trash and found broken light bulbs and burned paper and a small ziplock baggie with white powdery residue. I also found a cell phone bill of his, so I took that home and started making phone calls.

After speaking with several people, I found that he owes a ton of people money. One of the people that he owes money to, is a lady he did work for who fronted him $2500 for materials and he split with the money. She’s taking him to court. I also spoke with his ex-girlfriend, and she said her son (who is 17) and his friends started hanging out with Fuckhead and they might know where he was at. I gave her a flyer that I made of Fuckhead and she showed it to her son and his friends. Her son’s friends just saw Fuckhead on Friday, March 26, walking down a road in the next town, because his car broke down. They said they might know where to get a hold of him. Within an hour of speaking with them, Fuckhead called his mom collect. She was really pissed at him (obviously) and told him that he needs to call the kids, not her. I guess he tried to call our house, but couldn’t get through because my daughter was on the phone and didn’t know to click over for the call waiting. That all happened on Sunday, and here it is Tuesday, and it’s been over two weeks since the kids have heard from their dad. Pretty shitty huh?

My next move is to get full custody of the kids and give him supervised visitation. My poor kids are going through so much right now, it’s heart breaking. My daughter told me all kind of things that were happening when they would go with their dad, and I’ve never felt so stupid to have let it go on for so long.


I'm sure I've lost my audience by now, since I've basically abandoned my blog. I just didn't feel like writing anymore. PLUS, I have so much work now, my head is spinning. Also, the new company tracks our cookies and GOD forbid someone from my company finds my blog!

Actually what made me come back is I got an email saying that somebody linked to my site! As I saw the message header, I was like "OH YAH, I have a BLOG"!

So this is what I've been up to:

V-Day weekend was so much fun! We had a great time in Glamis and I got to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Stacy and her hubby Derick live close to Jerry and I and we're going out Saturday night. I'm looking forward to it.

Jerry and I have been looking for a house with property or just some land to throw a mobile home on. We thought we found 10 acres for $200K but, the seller backed out. We were pretty disapointed.

In other news, my friend Rosa had her house warming party last Saturday. We had a blast. I was the Karaoke Queen! Other people called me the Karaoke Hog. I think the more I drank, the more I sang. I'd like to publicly apologize for damaging your ears, if you happened to be at that party.

Well, that's my update! Hope everyone is doing well, and thanks for still reading!