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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Moving On

I'm feeling much better from the last post. I had a great weekend, and my time was mostly occupied with social events. Friday night, I took my kids to see the local baseball team play. My friend Rosa and sister joined us. Nothing is better than FREE entertainment. I had free tickets, hot dogs and sodas for all of us. Although I did buy a couple beers, and some nachos for the kids plus I paid for parking. But I spent less than $20, so it was a really cheap night. We had a great time, and I got double dog dared to go flirt with the players of our team. Which I was totally comfortable doing since I had some of them come to the mall a few weeks ago, for a promotion we were doing. The ones that came, all remembered me ;-)

There's a Mom "click" within my neighborhood. There are several families who all hangout together and barbeque, watch movies and do all kinds of family type stuff. Well, my kids play with their kids and have for a few years now. But I've never formally met any of the parents, because I always just go to my mom's and pick up the kids and go home. Now that we're living there, there is no reason why I shouldn't befriend the other moms.

I got a call from my daughter, who was at her friends’ house up the street, she said they were having a neighborhood movie in front of one of the neighbors’ houses and asked if we could go. I hadn't been invited by any of the parents, so I said, not until I get an invitation from one of the adults. Next thing you know, one of the dad's was calling me telling me to come. So I accepted. It was fun. They had a screen projector, with speakers set up in their drive way and we watched Shrek in front of their house.

I got an invitation by the guy across the street to come over and play pool and drink some margaritas, as I was coming home in the middle of the movie to get sweaters. I told him I'll be over later.

After the movie was over, I chatted some with the moms and my daughter went to spend the night at her friends’ house. So I took my son home, put him to bed then went across the street. We had a great time! It started out with us drinking, but then he pulled out a fatty and we laughed our asses off until about 2:30 in the morning.

I've got the coolest neighbors!


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