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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



The "boy" that I was seeing, stopped calling, stopped texting me and stopped sending me IM's. I had fun with this boy. I enjoyed the attention that he showered me with, because I'll be the first to admit that I'm an attention whore. I absolutely LOVE it! As long as I like the person giving the attention. So yes, he stopped calling. And yes,  I slept with him. Hey! A girl has her needs. And I enjoyed it!

Things were going so well. Then the text messaging slowed down, the IM's started getting fewer and fewer and so did the phone calls. By Saturday, they completely stopped. I had text messaged him a few times, with no response. Yesterday, I was feeling totally burned. Today, I was pissed.

My text messages basically said something that I don't understand what was going on, and that he at least needs to tell me SOMETHING! It's really shitty for him just to blow me off like that.  I could understand if we never met, but we MORE than met! So today I finally get a response: I'm sorry I just can't handle a relationship of any sort. I at lease owe you that and don't think it was you because it's all me and I'm sorry April. I started feeling extremely guilty because I am still in love with someone else.
I swear this is the story of my freaking life! This happened two years ago with this guy I was dating. Everything was going AWESOME! We got along great! We dated a little over a month. Then one day, he takes me up to the mountains. We planned on getting a cabin with a jacuzzi in the room, only the couple that got there 5 minutes before us got that room. So we got the next best room. Then he takes me up to a nice dinner, and during dinner he springs on me that he's still in love with his ex-girlfriend and that she works for him and he sees her everyday.

What the fuck is that???? I cried. I was really falling for this guy.

So this new boy, at least he tells me two weeks into it, instead of waiting a month. Still, it's fucked up.

With the other guy, we remained friends for the past two years. When I was with Jerry, I never saw him, but I talked to him all the time. We'd keep tabs on each other. I respected his honesty with me and he respected the fact that I didn't pour my drink over his head after he told me.

Jeff (that's the guy), has since broke up with his ex-gf but he's still in love with her. We call her Bachel because her real name is Rachel but she' s such a bitch. Actually, I think I should just call her "Money grubbing whore" because that's what she really is. So, Jeff is still in love with Bachel, and the new boy is still in love with his ex-gf. I really need to stop meeting guys online.



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