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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


10 Great Things About Me (By Request)

So a friend of mine requested that I do a post about “The 10 Great Things About Me”. I don’t know if he thinks I need some serious therapy or what? The following is not ordered in a certain way, just how they came to my brain, but anyways, here they are:

1. I’m a fun person. Seriously, I am usually the life of the party! That is until someone gets drunker than me and makes complete asses out of themselves. But I have been told on several occasions that I light up a room.

2. I’m a giver. I’m a giving person in a lot of different ways. When I’m in a relationship, I’m very emotionally and physically giving. When it comes to birthdays and special occasions, I usually go out of my way to find my loved ones and friends a great gift. And I feel guilty if I feel that someone has given me too much.

3. I’m a good mom. At least I like to think so for the most part. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, but that also comes along with being human. But I make sure my kids are taken care of in every way.

4. I’m a good friend. I’m very picky about who I choose to let into my life and get close to me. I choose my friends very carefully because I’m so open, I know I could leave myself to get backstabbed. Therefore, the friends that I do have (and I’m not talking about acquaintances) I’m always there for. I listen when they want to be listened to, and I give advice when asked. I try not to overstep my boundaries or lecture. I figure If they are going to take my advice, great! But if not, that’s how they want to live their life.

5. I’m honest. I’m a “tell it how it is” type girl. In fact, sometimes I’m brutally honest. If you ask for my opinion I’ll give you the truth and it probably won’t be sugar coated. But I don’t believe in lying. You have to remember the lies, and cover lies up with more lies and remember those lies. It’s a vicious cycle that I’d rather not put myself into that type of situation.

6. I’m funny and have a great since of humor. I’m quick witted and will come up with off the wall shit off the top of my head.

7. I’m friendly. I’ll talk to just about anybody. If I’m in a bar, I’ll more than likely talk to you if we’re standing next to each other. If you’re singing Karaoke, I’ll give you a high five for doing a good job and I’ll laugh at you relentlessly if you suck! (Just Kidding). But I will walk outside and laugh at you relentlessly. For the most part, I give people a chance. Ohhh…here’s a good example! NORM! Let me tell you about my friend Norm at the bar. Norm is apparently a world wide recognized arm wrestler. He apparently has a reputation for breaking guys arms. He is a big ol teddy bear. And I mean that in the since that he’s not only a sweet man, but he’s covered in fur! And he likes to wear tank tops. And he likes to give be big bear hugs. It’s kind of gross. But as soon as I walk into the bar, I go over to him and give him a hug. He always says “Thank GOD for April”!

8. I’m down to earth. When people first meet me or talk to me on the phone, I have a way of making them feel comfortable.

9. I’m caring. I care about a lot of things and express my concerns for when things go bad. I get emotional and want to do what I can to help. I hate to see my friends, and family hurting.

10. This may be the most superficial thing about me, but I’ve been blessed with good looks! I’ll admit it and I’m reminded almost everyday. Thank GOD I have good looks, because I can only imagine how bad it would suck to be ugly. I know that I have benefited by my good looks in a lot of different way. The biggest benefit of being good looking is that I have beautiful children!

Oh and by the way, I'm also smart, adventerous, outgoing, hard working, and ambitious.



Fuckhead got out of jail Monday night. I just found out last night. He wasn't due to get out until November 22, but I guess the jails are crowded and he's been a good boy, so he got out 3 months early.

I got a call from who I thought was my friend Julie last night. Only it was Fuckhead. He used her phone to call me. Now, you might wonder why he's calling me from my friend's phone. Well, Fuckhead used to live with Julie before Julie and I became friends. He called her Monday night when he got out, and she picked him up.

At first when I answered the phone, I didn't know who it was. I quickly found out, and let's just say that I was VERY shocked. Honestly, I didn't know what to say to him. I wasn't happy by any means. So I was pretty short with him and let him know that it's been great without him around, because I didn't have to worry about anything. He wasn't all that happy with my remark, but it's the truth!

Today is my daughter's 11th birthday. He asked me if he could see the kids after school and surprise them. He thought it would really be a great surprise for our daughter. I told him it was ok, AS LONG AS his mom picks up the kids and has them back by 6, because I have plans for her birthday.

I called Fuckhead today to talk to him about the kids situation. I informed him that he is not to take the kids anywhere without his mom or dad being there. And he is not to drive them anywhere as long as he doesn't have a drivers license or car insurance. I expressed my concerns and apologized for being so short with him on the phone last night, I just needed some time for this to soak in. I also let him know it's going to take a long time before I could ever trust him.

As long as he's living with his parents, I really don't have a problem with the kids being over there. But if he were to ever move out, I would have major issues with that. I know he's just going to be an "every other weekend" dad once that happens.

In Other News.....
My oldest baby turned 11 today! She is growing into such a beautiful young lady. I am so proud of her.



My friend is fixing my car for me since the starter is going out. So he let me drive his 73 Mercedes (which by the way is a really cool car), while my car is being fixed. I didn't realize how cool this car was until I saw it. It's a 2 seater, silver convertible. He's been driving the car with the top off. He has a hard top for it, and the soft top is being fixed.

I really wasn't looking forward to driving this car with the top off because of the potential helmet hair, bugs in my teeth or the fact that our nights are starting to considerably cool off. He was nice enough to put the hard top on for me. The hard top has been hanging in the garage all summer, so it was quite dusty. I figured that since he was nice enough to lend me his car, that I would drive it through the car wash.

I arrive at the car wash, put in my 5 bucks and drive in. I place the car in park, and the water starts spraying the car. Half way through the car wash, water starts spraying into the car between the top of the window and the roof of the car. I'm not talking drips of water, I'm talking full force power washing spray! Next thing you know, the water started gushing in through the drivers side and completely drenched me! Luckily I was almost home. I was cracking up! I called Mike and left him a message, hoping that he wouldn't be pissed and thought it was as funny and I did. He was wishing that I had on a tight fitting white tee shirt!

Singles Party Update
The Singles Party has been cancelled. Unfortunately, we had an overwhelming response of men call, and only 2 women who lived in a gated community called "U Store it". So, we're going to have to re-group and target areas where more women would be likely to respond. Jeff wasn't thrilled with the thought of having a sausage party! And since it is his house that the party would be held at, I couldn't really state my objections all that much.



I get a phone call from Jeff yesterday morning (he's the one who dumped me 2 years ago to get back with his ex girlfriend), and he says, "I want to have a party. Do you want to help me with it?" Now for me, it really doesn't matter what kind of party it is, as long as it's a party, I'm there!

Jeff has just spent the past few months remodeling his house, and he has the PERFECT party house! We've talked about having a party there for some time and now his house is finished, we're going to have a party!

This isn't going to be your "typical" run-of-the-mill party either. We're making it a singles party where he's actually placed an ad in the newspaper, and we're going to screen the people who call and decide if we want to invite them or not. Of course our single friends will be invited, but we're inviting a ton of people we've never met before. Jeff is going to screen the guys and I'll screen the girls.

Here's what the ad says : Singles Party! Attractive singles 30 to 45 to meet new people at a local get-together 8/28/04. (909) 217-6791

So if you live in So. Cal and want to come, send me an email at so_cali_hottie@yahoo.com or call the number above.