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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



My friend is fixing my car for me since the starter is going out. So he let me drive his 73 Mercedes (which by the way is a really cool car), while my car is being fixed. I didn't realize how cool this car was until I saw it. It's a 2 seater, silver convertible. He's been driving the car with the top off. He has a hard top for it, and the soft top is being fixed.

I really wasn't looking forward to driving this car with the top off because of the potential helmet hair, bugs in my teeth or the fact that our nights are starting to considerably cool off. He was nice enough to put the hard top on for me. The hard top has been hanging in the garage all summer, so it was quite dusty. I figured that since he was nice enough to lend me his car, that I would drive it through the car wash.

I arrive at the car wash, put in my 5 bucks and drive in. I place the car in park, and the water starts spraying the car. Half way through the car wash, water starts spraying into the car between the top of the window and the roof of the car. I'm not talking drips of water, I'm talking full force power washing spray! Next thing you know, the water started gushing in through the drivers side and completely drenched me! Luckily I was almost home. I was cracking up! I called Mike and left him a message, hoping that he wouldn't be pissed and thought it was as funny and I did. He was wishing that I had on a tight fitting white tee shirt!

Singles Party Update
The Singles Party has been cancelled. Unfortunately, we had an overwhelming response of men call, and only 2 women who lived in a gated community called "U Store it". So, we're going to have to re-group and target areas where more women would be likely to respond. Jeff wasn't thrilled with the thought of having a sausage party! And since it is his house that the party would be held at, I couldn't really state my objections all that much.


At 1:04 PM, Blogger Todd said...

A sausage party? If it were me I'd be more happy with a melon harvest, too.


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