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I get a phone call from Jeff yesterday morning (he's the one who dumped me 2 years ago to get back with his ex girlfriend), and he says, "I want to have a party. Do you want to help me with it?" Now for me, it really doesn't matter what kind of party it is, as long as it's a party, I'm there!

Jeff has just spent the past few months remodeling his house, and he has the PERFECT party house! We've talked about having a party there for some time and now his house is finished, we're going to have a party!

This isn't going to be your "typical" run-of-the-mill party either. We're making it a singles party where he's actually placed an ad in the newspaper, and we're going to screen the people who call and decide if we want to invite them or not. Of course our single friends will be invited, but we're inviting a ton of people we've never met before. Jeff is going to screen the guys and I'll screen the girls.

Here's what the ad says : Singles Party! Attractive singles 30 to 45 to meet new people at a local get-together 8/28/04. (909) 217-6791

So if you live in So. Cal and want to come, send me an email at so_cali_hottie@yahoo.com or call the number above.


At 12:25 PM, Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

Right age range, wrong marital status. Have fun! :)

Incidentally, there's been a conversation at Superfluous Juxtaposition in Los Angeles about how significant others feel about someone blogging. I provided a link to your blog, since you had some experience in that area...

At 7:39 AM, Blogger Todd said...

Texas T-bone here. Right age group, wrong marital status and wrong zip code, too. But let us know how it goes!


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