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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.


Ode To Dave

I met a boy named Dave
I looked at him, smiled then waved
I asked him to dance
Sparks flew, it was romance
Now I have him in a trance

We spent the next night together
And met at the Lounge in hot weather
We danced all night
And you held me tight
Could this be love at first sight?

I woke in your arms that morning
Sam was quite annoying
He left the room
Then we got to snooze
And made love until noon

You had to leave me that day
Your friends wanted to go out and play
You went to the lake
I went my way
We met back up later that day

We danced again all that night
We danced until it turned daylight
Things kind of got crazy
Doing shots on a lady
Whipped cream and sugar, it’s kind of hazy

We went back up to my room
Who knew Jim would come in so soon
You jumped right off me
I laughed, he screamed
Jim left, cuz you’re the one I need

Jim slept out in the hall
He could tell we were having a ball
We were so loud
We almost drew a crowd
Did you hit your head on the wall?

We went back to your room
We told Jim, we’ll see him soon
Sam was still there
I started to swear
He farted and blew up the room

This was our last day in Laughlin
We went to breakfast and I ate waffles
Would I see you again
I didn’t want this to end
I hoped it wasn’t pretend

We talked on the phone a lot
We laughed so much you’d think we smoked pot
You make me smile
You make my heart go wild
I miss you when we don’t talk for a while

I met you again at Angels Inn
We shared another great night of sin
You make me so horney
I know this sounds corney
But it’s the best I could do with it

If I haven’t told you, you’re sweet
You knocked me off of my feet
You give me theses feelings
I love all your dealing
I can’t wait for our nights to repeat

This is the end of my poem
Just don’t show it to your mom
Thursday is so far away
Until we can play
I can’t wait to see you that day