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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



I have a man that spoils the heck out of me and I love every second of it! He calls me just to say hi and tell me he loves me, which lets me know that he’s thinking of me and he drives for hours, just to come see me.

Last week when I was at his house, he cooked me dinner, made sure I was all comfortable on the couch with pillows and made sure I was warm with socks on my feet and a blanket over me. While dinner was cooking, he came over and rubbed my feet with lotion. He made me feel like a queen!

Love and affection, and the little things someone does for you, is the best kind of spoiling. Then there’s the material things that are fun as well, such as the Suzuki 250 two stroke quad he bought me, so I can go riding with him. Then of course he had to buy me a helmet and goggles, so I don’t crack my skull open when I indo off the bike and fall on my head like I have in the past. Glamis is a dangerous place you know.

Then there’s my early Christmas present of a 10 disk CD changer for my car, so that I can have tunes to listen to on our 9 hour drive up to Sacramento this weekend. Unfortunately, my CD player on my deck doesn’t work, so we figured the best thing would to just get a changer. He gave it to me last night, and I had it installed this morning. It’s AWESOME! I love it!

Now our relationship isn’t all take on my side, I supply him with plenty of lovin’ and unlimited sex and some good eatin’! The boy’s put on a few pounds since we’ve been together. I think it’s cute, although he’s not happy with the bulge around his gut. He also knows that I appreciate everything he does for me A LOT! I make sure to give him a ton of appreciation every time I see him.



So I found my perfect man. His name is David and I met him in Laughlin on Labor Day weekend. I was drunk, saw him by the dance floor and as fate would have it, I grabbed him and drug him on the dance floor and now he's mine. I know he’s the man for me. I’ve never been surer about anything in my life. Even though we’ve only been together for a short time, I’ve known this right from the start. He’s absolutely perfect. What exactly do I mean by perfect?

He’s funny and has the best since of humor. I’m not talking your average funny. He has wit to his jokes or comments. He makes me laugh harder than my sister does. And before I met David, nobody made me laugh harder than my sister.

He’s fun. Everywhere we go, I have fun with him. Just being next to him is fun.

He’s super sweet and affectionate. When he holds me and rubs my hair. I love that. He kisses me softly when we’re just watching TV. He’s always letting me know he’s thinking about me by calling me just to hear my voice and tell me he loves me. He’s passionate when he makes love to me.

He’s sexy. Even when he farts or wears a hot pink leopard print caveman costume.

He’s easy going and mild tempered. Lord knows I need someone with these qualities. He doesn’t let things get the best of him and he just goes with the flow. If I want to do something, he’s more than happy to be there with me, even if it is getting my stuff out of my dad’s garage.

He has so many other great qualities that I just couldn’t possible list them all. But most importantly is that I know with all my heart that he loves me as much as I love him. I’ve never felt this strongly about someone, nor have I ever been this excited about my future with another person.

After my divorce, I never really thought about getting married again. A lot of women dream about getting married, and I’ll admit, I’ve had my moments, but I never met anybody I thought I would marry. It may have crossed my mind when I was with Jerry, but only for a split second before putting myself in check.
David is my best friend. I can tell him anything. He doesn’t judge me, he accepts all of me. My past, my present, my dorkyness, my faults, and my good qualities. I can be myself around him, and he loves every bit of it. He is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.