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Betrayed by my Boss

I’m totally frustrated with my job. I’ve been the Marketing Assistant for 4 years now, and I feel totally betrayed by my boss. Here’s what’s going on…..

On February 28, the mall I work for was bought by a new company. The title I was given initially was “Assistant Marketing Manager”. I was stoked because I had the word “Manager” in my title and I knew that would look good on a resume, should I ever decide to seek new employment. Well, shortly after, they took the title away, and the reason I was told that I can’t have the “Assistant Marketing Manager” title, is because I don’t have a college education. I accepted that, and started school in August to get my degree.

About 4 months ago, my company purchased a mall about 35 miles away, and they didn’t have a Marketing Manager at that property, so they assigned me and my boss to handle the marketing for that mall as well. So, I’ve been working for two malls for the past 4 months. My boss really needs someone at the other mall full time, because the receptionist that is helping us, sucks! My boss placed an ad in the local paper for an Assistant Marketing Manager. Since I update both malls websites, and post job opportunities, I posted the ad that was placed in the local newspaper on the website. The ad stated “College Degree Preferred” it didn’t say “REQUIRED”. So that got me thinking.

Resumes from applicants started coming in, and sure enough, a lot of the applicants didn’t have college educations. Then she’s called the applicants in for interviews, and she was interviewing applicants with out college educations. I’ve been keeping my cool the entire time about it, and asking about what she thought about so-in-so. Her top pick so far is someone who graduated High School in 1999, and hasn’t attended college.

I’m just waiting to see if they hire her, and then I’m going to bring it up. I know I’m going to be training this person, and I don’t think it’s fair for someone to just step into that role, with less experience than I have, and I’ve put in my time with the company, and then some.

I can understand if the reason is because I have a terrible habit of being late for work. I’ll be the first to admit, that’s something I really need to work on. But my whole point is that’s not the reason I was told I couldn’t have that title. I was told that I don’t have a College Education, therefore, I can not have the Assistant Marketing Manager title. If they told me, you can have that title if you do A, B, and C (with none of those reasons being going to school), I would totally do my best to accomplish those tasks.

Now my feeling about it is, when I confront by boss about it, if she try’s to comeback and say, well, your late all the time… then I’m going to say, “That’s not the reason you told me why I couldn’t have that title, if that was the real reason, I should have been told that and I would of tried harder. But after I was told I couldn’t have the title because I don’t have a degree in Marketing, I started taking classes that are costing me almost $1,500 per class and frankly, I’m really upset about the whole situation”.

I know I won’t be here past June, but I’ve spent 4 years as her assistant and I think I deserve a little recognition for all the hard work I do for her. I’m not asking for more money, even though that would be nice, I’m just asking for a stupid title that tells me we recognize your hard work and dedication for the past 4 years, here’s a stupid “Assistant Marketing Manager” title for you to put on your resume. Is that really too much to ask?
What would you do?


At 1:07 PM, Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

The problem with small companies is that they don't document anything. (The problem with big companies is that they document too much.)

In the ideal world, your boss would review your performance every year, and would give you a written sheet (which you and your boss would probably both sign) documenting the things that you're good at, and the things which "need improvement."

If for no other reason, the company could do it for their own protection, should they choose to fire an employee and want to have documented reasons for doing so. If your work schedule is a problem for which they want to fire you, then a couple of years' worth of reviews stating that you "need improvement" in getting to work on time would give them all the backup they need.

But don't take my word for it, since I probably don't know what I'm talking about (and "at will" employers can probably do anything they want - just ask Ellen Simonetti, Michael Hanscom, or Joyce Park).

P.S. Glad to hear you're happy, relationship-wise. Best of luck.


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