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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



There’s a million things I could right about.

Unimportant stuff such as how my nails are killing me because I didn’t get them filled in time and most of them are breaking, however, I can’t find my nail clippers to take the remaining ones off, and one is ripping off my skin underneath my nail.


Very important stuff like how incredible David is and how excited I am about our life together and our future and I can’t wait for my ring. That reminds me, I need to remind him to call his Diamond Broker, to see if he’s back yet. I want my ring damn it! Only, it’s supposed to be a surprise. I swear I’ll be pissed if he brings the ring home and hands it to me. I’d have to say, “If that’s how your proposing, take the ring back and ask me when you’ve got something better planned, such as taking me to a special place and popping the question over a romantic dinner or something”. Oh, he just better make it special. (He’s not the most romantic guy in the world, although I should give him more credit than that).


Shitty stuff such as how my computer was down for most of the day yesterday, because the Power Supply went out on it, and what a fucked up Monday it was without my computer, and the printers suck!


Even more shitty stuff like how I got into it with my ex-husband over the kids and told him that if he wants the privilege of being my kids dad, then he’d better step up to the plate, because he sure as hell doesn’t act like it. (BTW, still no $ from him. It’s been 1 year and 8 months since I received my first and only child support payment from him).


How small of a world it is because April aka Eclectic Blonde saw Wife Beater on her job site today. She wasn’t sure it was him until she called me and asked me what company Wife Beater works for. I told her I didn’t know anymore, because he could be working with another company by now, but he runs scrapers. After I gave her that tidbit of info, she was positive it was him, since he was standing next to a scraper. I told her to make sure there are a lot of nails in the road, right in front of his tires.


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