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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



I miss the weekends when David and I would watch movies all day and cuddle, make love, then watch another move, nap, cuddle, make love and watch another movie. Those days are long gone! Now that we are cohabitating, we have a house to take care of; the move seems endless, as we still have boxes everywhere. The boxes that are left over is filled with shit nobody seems to know what to do with, but yet, you don’t want to get rid of because you may use or need something from that box. It’s all David’s shit anyways, so it’s up to him to take care of it. I’m sure most of it will end up in the Garage.

The kid’s room was the storage room for these boxes. But now that they are somewhat moved in, the boxes had to be brought back into the dining room. The worst part of it is that it takes the atmosphere completely out of the kitchen, which happens to be my favorite room. Did I ever mention that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my kitchen??? It is the most beautiful kitchen I have ever seen! Well, almost. But it will be once we’ve painted and got rid of all the boxes that we don’t know what to do with.

Let me briefly describe my kitchen. It has granite countertops, cherry wood cabinets, tile floor, stainless steel appliances, and is decorated in wine and grapes. The purple from the grapes looks fabulous with the cherry wood cabinets. I love cooking in this kitchen, although I’m not all that thrilled with the flat surface stove. I don’t really care for electric, but it’s what I have, so what can I do.?

Back onto me missing the let’s-cuddle-and-watch-movies-all-weekend.

I thought commuting would be easier for David and I when I moved in. For the most part it has, since my work is now 15 miles from home rather than 85 miles from Oceanside to San Bernaghetto. That drive was hell! But we both have obligations in different places, so sometimes we have to spend a night or two apart. Which may be good for our relationship to spend a night apart here and there.

I was supposed to take the kids back to their Nana’s (ex-husbands parents) on Sunday, but since my grandpa was out visiting, I drove me and the kids to my parent’s house Friday night. I figured it would be a good idea to call up my friends to see if they wanted to hang out Friday night, while I was out.

I arrived at my parents around 8:00, changed, fixed my makeup and hair, and was out of the house by 9. We met at this Karaoke Bar called the Blue Hawaiian. This was the best, most awesome Karaoke bar in the whole wide world! Not only did they have the main Karaoke area, they had private rooms you can rent for $20 bucks an hour!!!!! There was about 15 of us in our party, so $20 bucks an hour between all of us is cheap! (That is IF everybody pitched in).

We partied like it was 1999 for about 3 ½ hours. As the night went on, people slowly started to head out. I didn’t think about it until we had to go pay for the room and there was 5 of us left. Of course nobody said “Here’s 5 bucks for the room” on their way out. So we ended up paying for everyone, which I felt was kind of bullshit! Even if I did sing every other song, other people got to sing in between. And It wasn’t MY fault, nobody wanted to sing as much as me!

We decided we all needed some carbs with a side order of carbs before we went home, so we went to Denny’s. We were seated after about 10 minutes, then waited for our waitress for about 20 minutes. I decided to go check out why we haven’t been greeted or even had water. I was told that they were extremely busy, and someone would be with us shortly. After waiting another 5 minutes, and still no waitress, we decided to leave. We proceeded to inform everybody else who was walking in that they weren’t serving, and it would be best to go somewhere else. Let’s just say, don’t EVER not serve me, because I’ll fuck your business up! They had to have lost a good 20 customers. Which I’m sure the employees of Denny’s enjoyed the break in business.

I stayed the night with my Sister, since Grandpa had my bed at Mom & Dad’s house and the kids were sleeping on the pull out bed in the family room, and like hell if I was going to sleep on the couch in the living room, since Grandpa likes to get up at 5 in the morning and blare the TV that is in the living room. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been up since 3 am and are sleeping in that room, he’ll still do it, then play dumb about it.

After I woke up, feeling pretty good even though I drank quite a bit the night before, I went to WallyMart for some plastic pull out drawers to put more of my kids toys in, and hoping that they will use these drawers to actually keep their toys in rather than the floor. Which I don’t feel the floor is a good place to store toys, but my kids will disagree with me on that one. It’s a never-ending battle because they will tell you that it wasn’t them that made the mess. Apparently, there is an invisible Throw-Toys-On-The-Floor Monster who does it.

After filling my car up with more of the kids crap, and leaving my kids in the care of my sister (thought I’d throw that part in, so you didn’t think I just abandoned them) I drove to The OC to pick up David. He had to work with his friend to install a Jet Ski motor (David used to own a shop with him, and was a professional Jet Ski Mechanic). Now I’ve only been to the shop once, a few months ago, so I didn’t exactly remember how to get there. I figured that David would call me or I would get a hold of him while I was on my way. I called him after I left, and got voice mail. Once I got on the 57 (at least I think it’s the 57) I called him again, knowing that I would be there in about 20 minutes. David never called me back (which is not like him) so I figured his phone must be dead.

I got off the freeway, taking the exit I thought was correct. I remembered there being a 711 on the same corner of the shop. But when I passed 711, I realized that wasn’t the same 711, because the location didn’t look right. I thought it was further up from the freeway. Now I’m starting to get pissed because David hasn’t called me back yet, he knows that I’ve only been to the shop once and I’m supposed to pick him up at 6 and it’s only a few minutes from 6!

The exit I took was the same exit that David’s son lives off of. I found his street, pulled over (luckily I’m smarter than your average blonde) got out of my car and got the number to the shop from my license plate frame. I called the shop, Art answered, I explained that I was frustrated that David hasn’t called me and I wasn’t sure where the shop was, and I was supposed to be there to pick him up at 6. Art tried to calm me down and explain the shop was close, I just had to make a right at the next street and another right on Imperial, and they are over by Macco.

When I arrived, David was clueless that I was upset that I didn’t know how to get there or that he didn’t call. He realized that he didn’t have any service, which is why my calls went straight to voice mail. He thought I was being cool, by giving him some space all day, and not calling. After that, we went home, got some Thai food and a movie and gelled for the rest of the evening.

Sunday, David and I went to the gym with our neighbor, cleaned the house, then he had to go back to The OC for something for his real job. I made huge progress on the house and got most of the kids room straightened out and things put away, which feels good to get something accomplished and to see progress. Although, David still has the pile of shit in the dining room. That’s all HIM! Heehee


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