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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



I am a self admitted VH1 Junkie. I just can’t get enough of their awesome programming. It’s almost an illness how addicted to VH1 I am. If you aren’t familiar with their shows, I’m sorry to say, but you are missing out. It probably doesn’t help my case that I am also a reality show junkie and VH1 has THE ABSOLUTELY BEST reality shows ever made. Strip Search, Kept, and of course The Surreal Life. I also LOVE all the “I love the 80’s”, “I love the 90’s” shows, and now they have “I Married ….. (Insert a Famous Rock Star Name Here). Today at lunch I watched “I Married Sebastian Bock”. Who knew the guy was married throughout his entire career, and had a baby right when Skid Row made it big?

I am also addicted to all the other Reality TV Shows playing, which some of them I am embarrassed to admit that I actually watch Dancing With The Stars and Hit Me Baby One More Time. Yes, my evenings are wasted away by reality TV. Time to go TIVO the next episode of The Average Joe, before I forget. What the hell, I’ll just set it up for a Season Pass.


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