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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



We had an awesome weekend. David wasn't too excited about the drive, but he knew it was important to me, so he came along with just a little complaining. He's only been around my family once, prior to this trip, and he had a good time, so I just reminded him of this. The only difference was instead of a 9 hour drive to Sacramento, we would be taking a 4 hour drive to Bakersfield. Much better if you ask me.

My dad busted out the old home movies beginning when he was a teenager up to recent, covering from when my parents first got married and most my childhood. He was converting all the VHS home movies to DVD, so David got to see my Grandma. Even though he wasn't able to meet her in person, he got a taste on how important she was to our family. It was very emotional seeing her in the home movies, but it also made it feel as though she was there with us.

David suffered through hours and hours of home movies. Well, I thought he was suffering, but he actaully enjoyed watching them almost as much as I did. It was fun seeing how dorky I was when I was a kid, and now he has a better understanding of where I come from and how I grew up, and how I became such a dork! (Although I have to remind him that he's just as dorky as I am, he's just in denial about it.)

My aunt and uncle that live in Sacramento, invited all of David's family to come visit. They of course love David, and thought it would be fun to have his family come visit. They don't know what they are asking for, and I tried to warn them, but they still insisted. So that will be the next family trip that we plan.


At 4:18 PM, Blogger mal said...

Wow! he sat thru hours of home movies with no fidgeting? Methinks you have a definite keeper there! OTH,,,it was probably over 100 outside *G*

At 4:23 AM, Blogger Truble said...

Sounds like a fun time - and he didn't seem too bored. He surely knew how important it was to you! I vote *KEEPER* again! :o)

At 6:43 AM, Blogger *~BendersGurl~* said...

i just wanted to comment that you are very pretty! :o)

Glad your weekend was great!

At 7:42 AM, Blogger EB72 said...

I vote **KEEPER** too!!!!

Because I knew you before and I know you now and ... well ...
he's a KEEPER for sure!

At 10:51 AM, Blogger Alice said...

aw, i love watching home movies! the best one we have is an 8mm from my parents wedding, where my mom looks about 14 yrs old in her hand-sewed lime-green-flowered wedding dress, and my dad in enormous glasses, a huge maroon bowtie, and long, curly hair.... god, i love showing other people that one :-)

At 6:10 PM, Blogger mal said...

*L* April.....love the link...gotta call em like you see em!


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