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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



My friend Jenill has a friend who is Autistic. Jenill and her fiancé Joey have known Ben for about 16 years, since they were about 13, and have always included him in their circle of friends. They treat him like he’s their little brother and look after him. I don’t know much about the disease, but Autistic people are definitely socially challenged.

Apparently Ben met a girl about 3 years ago at Jenill's graduation party. Well, this girl happens to be Bi-Polar. She got drunk and made out with him. Then they went to his car and she gave him a handy. I’m sure just about as soon as she touched him, the poor guy creamed his pants. Well, because of his “social challenges” he was so excited that he finally got with a girl, he ran into the party and announced what had just happened as though he was “The Man”. Because of her Bi-Polar disorder, she forgot what happened just about as soon as it happened. Three years later, he still talks about her.

Last Saturday night, we all went out for Jenill’s birthday. Of course Ben was there and the Bi-Polar girl was his only topic for the entire night, because he just found out that she's going to be at Jenill's 4th of July party. He was telling another one of Jenill’s friends about all these dirty things he wants to do to the Bi-Polar girl on the 4th and how he wonders if she would marry him. The poor boy really needs another handy. It's been 3 years for God's sake. Fran was quite encouraging of Ben pursuing the Bi-polar girl and encouraged him to hook up with her again, and agreed that they should get married. (Could you imagine?) But he was also reminded that Bi-Polar didn’t remember him either, so his chances with her didn’t look very good.

I just found out from Jenill that Bi-Polar didn't remember Ben. In fact she just said "It's nice to meet you". I said it would of been nice of her to help Ben out again, since she wouldn't even remeber the next day anyways.


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