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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.



Will be posted here on Monday.

I’m leaving today to go to Vegas for Jenill’s Bachelorette Party. This weekend will be full of alcohol, dancing, eating, more alcohol, maybe a penis wiggeling in Jenill’s face here and there. I’m sure by Monday, I will be recovering from my weekend at work. Luckily the guys here will be understanding.

David’s friend Sam is hooking us up with VIP at a few clubs, so we won’t be waiting in line forever to get in. Needless to say, I will be partying with one of David’s best friends during at the bachelorette party in Vegas. Which, I don’t care, because he’s our hookup and it’s not like I would ever do ANYTHING to jeopardize my perfect relationship.

Poor David is being stuck with the kids this weekend. I asked Fuckhead (my ex husband) if he wanted to have them this weekend, but he was being a dick saying “I thought you weren’t comfortable with having the kids stay with me” instead of saying “Hell yes, I’ll take them for the weekend” and being cool about it. So when he gives me an attitude like that, like hell if I’m going let him have the kids for the weekend.

I might need to explain something about that here…… I’m ok if it’s just for a few days, but a week at a time, I’m not comfortable with. I’m not even all that comfortable with a weekend here or there, but I really don’t think he’d be stupid enough to go back to how he was a year ago.

Because Fuckhead was being such a dick, David said he would just have the kids for me. It’s his weekend to spend with D.J., anyways. We just had a lot of logistical planning to do, because David is having the rearend of his 55 Chevy Truck redone, and he pulled out the motor to paint it last weekend, and he has to reattach it to the transmission and take it back to the guy who’s rebuilding the rearend by Saturday morning. The fact that David doesn’t mind that I’m going to a Bachelorette party in Vegas is great in it’s self, because Wife Beater never in a million years would of let me go. But to take care of my kids while I’m gone, and to figure out how to make it happen so that I can go, says something all in it’s self. This is why I want to marry the man. He goes out of his way to make me happy, and we have complete trust in each other.

I’m leaving work at 10:30 today, when I was originally planning on leaving at noon. I’m only leaving early because the owner of my company is coming out and I’m wearing pink camo pants and flip flops. From what I was told, she will flip out, and there will be a company wide memo about proper work attire, all because of me. However, there still may be one going out since B. is wearing jeans. They aren’t even nice jeans. They are all frayed in different places. So I’ll let him be the cause of the memo, he’s worked here longer than me. Since I’m leaving earlier than expected, it gives me time to get my car washed and go shopping! Yeah!


At 12:26 PM, Blogger EB72 said...

Hi there,

I wore flops all the time - not just on Fridays. I kept a pair of regular shoes and nice black-matches-everything pants in the car for surpise visits.

Something to think about. :-)

You're gone already so I hope you have/had a blast in Vegas!!! Excellent point about Wife Beater ... his project here is done btw.

See ya next week!

At 6:33 AM, Blogger nope said...


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