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You may see things differently, but this is how I view my life.




Sam woke us up early Saturday morning, telling us to meet him at his boat in 45 minutes. We were a little hung over, but more tired than anything. I quickly jumped in the shower and started to get ready as fast as I could. Being a girl, 45 minutes isn't very long. Especailly when you've got food to pack on top of doing hair and figuring out which bathing suit I was going to wear.

We were ready by 9, and on our way down. The way I see it, most friends will wait an extra 5 minutes for you. It's not like anyone was dying and that 5 minutes was a matter of life or death. I guess in Sam's mind it was. Promply at 9 am, David's phone rang. "Where the hell are you guys". David was a little stressed because Sam had told David to bring his easy up, some chairs etc., and we still had to get those from our car.

We got our stuff in our car and drove over to where Sam was. He said he didn't have time for us to load our shit, he was leaving. Luckily, Sam's friends that we partied with the night before had their own boat, so they said for us to just load our stuff in their car and we can ride with them. Meanwhile, Sam's calling Matt (the friend that we're with) and yelling at Matt to keep up and just being a total DICK! It takes a lot to get David pissed, and he was just at that point. There was absolutely NO reason for Sam to act that way. What's the big deal of waiting an extra 5 minutes?

We were pretty stressed and pissed off at this point. David had some other friends that were coming out later that day, and we should have just waited for them, but we thought Sam needed our help launching his boat. We didn't know he had 3 other guys with him to help him or that Sam was going to be such a huge penis head.

We finally got on the water with Matt and Chris. We followed Sam to Gasoline Alley, which is a cove off of Mojave Lake. This is one of the many party spots on the river. We pull up next to Sam and attempt to tie off on his boat, but Matt didn't have an anchor, and Sam started freaking out. In the midst of it all, Chris jumps off the boat and starts cliff diving while we're trying to keep the boats from hitting. Then Matt (who's the owner of the boat) follows Chris to make sure the rocks are clear, leaving me and David to tend to the boat. Meanwhile, Sams screaming, we have rocks all around us, it was a mess. We finally got Matt to beach the boat so we didn't have to worry about it. I was on the virge of having a mental break down from stress overload, and I think David was right there with me.

Now that the boat was beached, we could relax. Which is exactly what we did for most of the day. We either sat in the boat or went in the water and just people watched. Later in the day, more and more people began to show up, next thing you knew, it was a huge party, with boobies everywhere, pole dancing, girls doing beer bongs using a big ass dildo and deep throating it. One girl even got completely naked. David and I just hung back on the sidelines and watched everything that was going on. We met some really cool people and saw a lot of tits. I was great about making sure David didn't miss any, since I am the coolest fiance ever. I was the only girl in our group and I had to make sure I fit in with the boys.

After we finally got back to our hotel, and we were exhausted. But it was so late that by the time we ate, it was time to party. So we went with Matt and Chris to a steakhouse at the Flamingo. David and I both had a 6 oz Filet and it was AWESOME! Besides the fact that we were both starving!

After dinner, we had more cocktails, and met up with this girl that Matt and Chris met and headed over to the Golden Nugget's Tarzan Room. We waited for an hour to get in. Once we were in, we ordered drinks and I looked around the bar and saw her . She sent her friend over and said that if I don't go talk to her she's going to fuck me up. Luckily David already knew about the situation, so I didn't have much explaining to do. Her husband was there too, and both of them put on some weight. They are both HUGE! Anyways, I explained to David about the last time I ran into them and how she tried to fight me and how her husband sucker punched my date for trying to get her off of me. It wasn't a comfortable situation, so we danced a couple dances and got out of there before she jumped me.

The thing that really sucks is here we were on our 1 year anniversary weekend, at the place where we met, and we couldn't even enjoy it. We were both really tired, so we just went back to our hotel, made love and passed out.


At 2:34 PM, Blogger mal said...

wow! sounds like quite the weekend and we are only on day 2?

One mean comment, punctuality is a sign of respect as much as anything. That said, it does not excuse him being a jerkwad

I read the linked blog on your former friend. Sad for her. I do not know the circumstances but its time for her to move on. You showed a lot of class just ignoring it and walking away

I must be getting old, I am getting a monster hangover just reading the blog *L*

I can hardly wait for chapter 3

At 4:35 PM, Blogger mal said...

oops! I made my punctuality comment without connecting the dots.....my apologies...guy sounds like he needs a vacation *L*

At 8:42 PM, Blogger Wombat & Aspen said...


At 9:52 AM, Blogger Dirk the Feeble said...

"We met some really cool people and saw a lot of tits. I was great about making sure David didn't miss any, since I am the coolest fiance ever. I was the only girl in our group and I had to make sure I fit in with the boys."

There's something just not right about that . . . there were tits everywhere, and you were the only girl? Hmmm . . .

Also, sex two nights in a row? I hope you realize that when he becomes your husband instead of your fiance, you're going to be impressed with sex two WEEKS in a row, or maybe even two months!

At 10:34 AM, Blogger Eddo said...

What? You totally should carry some mace with you and just for fun you should have maced her and then CUT HER!!!

Get in her face and say, "GIRL, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I WON"T CUT YOU!!!"

It's probably best you did what you did because cutting someone might get you thrown into jail...

At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't feel like doing a little skinny dipping? It can be so refreshing ... I highly recommend it.

At 4:38 AM, Blogger doer said...

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