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I guess I failed to post about the second interview I had. Well, it wen't well on their part, but I have to admit, they were almost talking me out of taking the position. I could of had it if I wanted it, but they felt that I was too creative and that I wasn't really suited for it.

They presented the position in a totally different way than the owner presented it. I was originally told that I would be assisting with the marketing, as part of being a Project Coordinator. The guys that I would be directly working with told me that I would be so busy inputting Invoices and sending out PO's that I wouldn't have time for that. As if my entire day would be doing Invoices and PO's. I've done that in the past and it is NOT fun, plus I would have to drive a lot further, in traffic for a mere $3 k a year more to do something I didn't really like. Gas would eat up that $3k a year in a few months! So I passed on the position.

I got a call this morning from a Property Manager, that actually lives in our Condo complex. David knows her and had me send her my resume because he knew she was hiring an Assistant Property Manager. This position would be for a commercial building in San Diego and more of where I want my career to be headed. I don't mind driving, as long as it's something I KNOW I want, and I can make more money, and I have a good chance of moving up.

I emailed her my resume a few weeks ago, and she called me to tell me that she's been busy, but she'd call me back soon to schedule an interview. Well, it's been a few weeks, but I know she's been busy with budgets and other stuff. The important thing is, she called me back and I'm meeting with her tomorrow after work. We decided to meet at Starbucks instead of her office since it's more convienient for both of us. She said that meeting in our homes was too personal, which I agee. She is my neighbor after all, but that would just be weird.

Wish me luck!


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good luck!


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